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The Stable Diffusion model can generate incredible AI art on your computer if you have enough graphics power. You also usually need to know how to use a command-line Terminal, but not with a new front-end called “Diffusion Bee.”

Diffusion Bee is a graphical application for running Stable Diffusion on any M1 or M2 Mac computer. You don’t need to use the Terminal, and more importantly, you don’t have to download all the dependencies on your own (which usually includes frameworks like Python). Just download the application, enter a text prompt, and click the Generate button.

Diffusion Bee image
Diffusion Bee

Under the hood, Diffusion Bee uses a fork (modified version) of Stable Diffusion that adds support for Mac computers with Apple Silicon chips. 16 GB RAM is preferred, but the app will run slowly on Mac computers with only 8 GB RAM. You also need macOS 12.5.1.

Head over to the official site to download Diffusion Bee on your Mac. It’s not available yet on the Mac App Store.

Source: GitHub

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