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Google Photos has included “Memories” for a while now, which are automatically-generated slideshows of images and video from a specific event or date. Google is now updating them to include more photos and videos, and other features are on the way.

Right now, Memories are mostly limited to photos and short videos, which play automatically one after the other when they are opened — in the same format as Stories on social media platforms. They’re usually presented as “2 years ago,” “3 years ago,” and so on. Starting today, Memories will include more videos, including snippets that are automatically trimmed from longer videos — the original videos won’t be modified, though. You can still tap on the left or right to move between photos in Memories, but Google is also adding the ability to swipe up or down to move between different Memories, like navigating the main feed in TikTok.

images of new Google Photos Memories

Photos will also look a bit different in Memories. Images will have a slight zoom effect, and instrumental music will appear throughout images and videos. Google says all the new changes are part of the new “Cinematic Memories” experience. You’ll also be able to share Memories with friends and family, just like you already can with standard photos and movies.

That all might sound familiar to anyone who has used Google Photos for a long time. Google Photos could automatically generate movies with your photos and videos, complete with background audio, while it was still part of Google+. That functionality has been trimmed back over the years, possibly because rendering video that many people won’t look at isn’t a great use of server resources, but you can still make them manually from the Photos apps and website. Google is now bringing some of that flair to the more popular Memories.

The new Memories format is rolling out starting today, and instrumental music will start appearing in Memories in October.

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