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By setting up a homepage in Google Chrome, you make accessing your favorite site as easy as clicking the Home button. Plus, you can set a homepage on desktop and mobile. We’ll show you how.

A homepage in Chrome is simply a site that opens when you click the Home button. This button is located beside the address bar in Chrome. If you’re on Chrome’s desktop version, you can also set a startup page, which is a site that launches when you open the browser on your system.

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Set Your Homepage in Chrome on Desktop

To set your homepage on a Windows, Mac, Linux, or Chromebook computer, launch the Google Chrome browser.

When Chrome launches, in the top-right corner, click the three dots and choose “Settings.”

Settings inside Chrome

On the “Settings” page, in the left sidebar, click “Appearance.” Then, on the right pane, activate Chrome’s Home button by toggling on the “Show Home Button” option.

Appearance settings inside Chrome

After you’ve enabled the Home button, you’ll see two new options. Here, select the “Enter Custom Web Address” field and type the URL (web link) of your new homepage. This is the site that’ll open when you click the Home button in Chrome.

Tip: To avoid entering an invalid link, we recommend copying your homepage’s full link from the address bar and pasting it into the field.

Home button settings inside Chrome

And that’s it. Beside Chrome’s address bar, click the Home button, and your specified site will launch.

Home button in Chrome

Set Your Startup Page in Chrome on Desktop

To set a startup page (a page that opens each time you launch Chrome), navigate to the “Settings” page just as you did above.

Then, click “On Startup” in the left sidebar. In the right pane, enable “Open a Specific Page or Set of Pages.”

Enter the URL(s) you’d like Chrome to open when you launch the browser.

On startup settings inside Chrome

And you’re all set.

Configure Your Homepage in Chrome on Mobile

If you’re on an iPhone, iPad, or Android phone, first, launch the Google Chrome browser on your phone.

In Chrome’s top-right corner, tap the three dots and choose “Settings.”

Settings menu inside Chrome

In “Settings,” select “Homepage.”

Homepage settings inside Chrome

On the “Homepage” screen, at the top, turn on the toggle. Enable the “Enter Custom Web Address” option and enter the URL (web link) of the site you want to make your homepage.

Then, in the top-left corner, tap the left-arrow icon to go back.

Homepage URL settings in Chrome

Chrome will now open your specified site when you tap the Home button. Enjoy quick and easy access to your favorite site!

While you’re at it, customize Chrome further by changing the new tab page background or removing new tab page suggestions if you don’t like them.

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