Winamp running on Windows 11.

Winamp was a popular media player application in the late 1990s and early 2000s, and it has received infrequent updates in recent years to address compatibility issues. Winamp 5.9 has now been released, marking the first major update since 2018.

The stable version of Winamp 5.9 is now available to download for Windows PCs, following a beta release earlier this year. The media player still looks and works the same as before, but now officially supports Windows 11, media using the VP8 codec, and HTTPS media streams. The rest of the changes are bug fixes or rewritten code — Winamp’s development team said the most significant change was “migrating the entire project from VS2008 to VS2019 and getting it all to build successfully.”

Now that Winamp has a more modern codebase and many bug fixes, the team plans to continue working on more features. Support for more media codecs are planned, including Opus, OGV/OGM, H.265, VP9, and other formats. Winamp might also add an online view for Bandcamp, Spotify, Lyrics, and other online services.

Continued development on the classic version of Winamp is happening alongside the company’s other music-related ambitions, which involves an updated cross-platform version, a ‘Winamp Foundation’ that funds musicians, and NFT sales. The Winamp team said in March that Winamp 6 will be a “cross-platform app for Android, iOS, web, etc,” and Winamp 5 for Windows (which has now received an update) is “not dead.”

You can download Winamp 5.9 from the source link below. The release still has a few minor bugs, which the team plans to address in a future 5.9.1 update.

Source: Winamp Forums
Via: Bleeping Computer

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