In the days of old, Android smartphones from Samsung and others had a satisfying start-up chime. Over time, though, that practice fell out of fashion. iPhones have never had a start-up chime, but the new iPhone 14 lineup has one.

As pointed out by @AppleSWUpdates on Twitter, an optional accessibility feature in the new iPhone 14 and 14 Pro lets you enable a chime for your phone, so you can hear when your phone is turned on or off. When you get your new iPhone, the feature will be located in the Settings app by going to Accessibility > Power On & Off Sounds. It’s sadly not the same chime used in Macs.

Since this is an accessibility feature, it’s mainly made to help vision-impaired people know when their phone is turned off/on or when it gets restarted. It’s still neat, though, even if you have perfect vision. I know I’d probably turn it on if I were to buy an iPhone 14.

There’s a chance the feature rolls out to older iPhones with the iOS 16 update, but we’ll have to wait and see.

Source: @AppleSWUpdates
Via: MacRumors

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