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PowerShell, like Command Prompt before it, is an incredibly useful tool. We don’t usually think about it, but things like PowerShell do get bug fixes and new features over time. Here is how you can check your PowerShell version on Windows 11.

How to Check Your PowerShell Version

You only need a single command to check your PowerShell version. Open up a new Terminal window and make sure that you have a PowerShell tab open.

Type or paste $PSVersionTable into the prompt and hit Enter. You’ll see something very similar to the image below, though your version numbers could very well be different.

The current PowerShell version displayed after running "$PSVersionTable"

The PowerShell in this example is fairly out of date — it is version 5.1.22, and the latest stable release at the time of writing is version 7.2.6.

Microsoft maintains a change log on GitHub that details what bug fixes and features are added with each new release. Luckily, updating PowerShell on Windows 11 is as easy as it gets, so you don’t have to worry about a hassle to get the latest features.

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