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T-Mobile has been rolling out its 5G and LTE-based home internet service across the United States, giving traditional internet service providers a run for their money. Now the company has officially expanded Home Internet to more areas in the United States.

T-Mobile announced today that 5G Home Internet is now available in more locations in the U.S. states of Connecticut, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania. T-Mobile says a total of nine million homes in those states are now eligible for Home Internet, three million of which don’t have landline home broadband service, according to the company.

T-Mobile has rapidly expanded its home internet service to more areas over the past year, which uses a fixed LTE/5G modem that connects to the same wireless network used by phones on T-Mobile. It still only costs $50 per month with automatic payments enabled, or just $30 per month for families that already have a Magenta MAX mobile plan. T-Mobile also isn’t the only company working on 5G-backed home internet — Verizon is in the race, too.

The full list of areas is available at the source link below, or you can visit T-Mobile’s website to quickly check if T-Mobile Home Internet is offered at your home address.

Source: T-Mobile

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