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As great as smartwatches are, there’s one big thing you have to consider—which smartphones they’re compatible with. The Apple Watch works with the iPhone, of course, but what about Samsung Galaxy Watches? Is that an option?

Historically, the Apple Watch has been locked to the iPhone, while some other smartwatches have included support for both the iPhone and Android platforms. Samsung has released Galaxy Watch models on both sides of that isle. Let’s take a look.

Samsung Galaxy Watches Compatible With iPhone

Most Samsung Galaxy watches that run Tizen OS are compatible with the iPhone through Bluetooth and the Galaxy Watch companion app. Unfortunately, a handful of those watches are no longer being supported by Samsung. Here’s a list of models that can be paired with an iPhone:

  • Samsung Gear S2 (Unsupported)
  • Samsung Gear S3 (Unsupported)
  • Samsung Gear Sport (Unsupported)
  • Samsung Galaxy Watch (Unsupported)
  • Samsung Galaxy Watch Active (Unsupported)
  • Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 (Supported through September 2022)
  • Samsung Galaxy Watch 3  (Supported through August 2023)

If you’re looking for a Samsung Watch that works with an iPhone, your best option is the Galaxy Watch 3 or Watch Active 2.

Galaxy Watch 3 45mm

The Galaxy Watch 3 is the last Samsung watch that was compatible with the iPhone. Support from Samsung ends in 2023.

Samsung Galaxy Watches Not Compatible With iPhone

In 2021, Samsung switched away from Tizen and adopted Google’s Wear OS. Despite Google making Wear OS compatible with the iPhone through a companion app, Samsung decided not to support it. Therefore, these Samsung Galaxy Watch models cannot work with iPhones:

If you want to use one of these models with an iPhone, your best bet is to get an LTE model that can work independently from a phone.

Galaxy Watch 5 40mm LTE

The Galaxy Watch 5 with LTE doesn't rely on a smartphone for an internet connection. It can be used independently alongside an iPhone.

It’s unfortunate that Samsung dropped support for the iPhone with the switch to Wear OS. Now, the best smartwatch options on the market (Apple Watch and Samsung Galaxy Watch) are essentially locked to specific phones. If you’re an iPhone user, you are better off opting for an Apple Watch.

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