The Simpsons standing beside an Arcade1Up The Simpsons 30th Edition Arcade Cabinet
The Simpsons, Arcade1Up

Fans of The Simpsons animated TV series and arcade lovers alike will want to get their hands on this piece of history. Through Labor Day, pick up a new Arcade1Up The Simpsons 30th Edition arcade cabinet with matching stool for just $399.99 ($300 off).

Not only is The Simpsons the longest running animated sitcom ever, it’s also had a penchant for predicting major events—including national catastrophes and presidential elections—years in advance. Before any of this though, there was The Simpsons arcade game.

Arcade1Up The Simpsons 30th Edition Arcade Cabinet

Arcade1Up The Simpsons 30th Edition Arcade Cabinet features full-size joysticks and buttons, online multiplayer support, and two games.

Long ago in my wistful youth, I’d hang out at a local pizza joint and dump token after token into a machine just like this one. Gliding along on Bart Simpson’s skateboard, I spent hours bashing baddies alongside familiar faces, like Homer, Marge, Lisa, and Maggie. If you’re like me, the nostalgia will hit hard once you get this time machine set up in your home.

However, unlike the game I played as a kid, this Arcade1Up cabinet comes with some significant upgrades. For starters, it’s packing Wi-Fi capabilities with online multiplayer support that lets you play with friends from anywhere in the world. It also features full-size joysticks and buttons for up to four local players, just in case you want to invite people over to show it off. In addition to The Simpsons side-scrolling brawler game, you’ll also get Simpsons Bowling preloaded and ready to roll.


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