Roborock 8th Anniversary Sale With Deals up to $510 Off

It’s been eight years since Roborock burst onto the scene with a robot vacuum designed to navigate circles around the competition. Since then, the company has grown into a technology powerhouse, pushing the boundaries of what a robot vacuum should be able to do. In celebration of their eighth anniversary, Roborock is heavily discounting their most advanced vacuums with savings up to 37% off.

Note: All deals are valid from August 29 through September 2, unless otherwise listed.

The Biggest Discounts in Roborock’s Anniversary Sale

Roborock S7 sweeping hardwood floors in front of its Auto-Empty Dock

The S7 arrived early last year as a next-generation upgrade to what the robot vacuum should be. It introduced a brand new rubber main brush designed to hug closer to the ground while also reducing tangles. There’s a retractable vibrating mop head that scrubs hard surfaces when deployed and gets out of the way when carpets or rugs are detected. Finally, it features plenty of power with 2,500 Pa of suction, an extra-large 5,200 mAh battery for prolonged cleaning sessions, and a dual high-capacity dust bin and water tank. The Roborock S7 receives the largest percentage discount in this roundup at $409.99 ($240 off), while the S7+ with Auto-Empty Dock is down to $679.99 ($269.99 off).

The Best Roborock Vacuums Money Can Buy

Roborock S7 MaxV Ultra cradled in its Auto-Empty Dock

It’s not easy to improve on a robot vacuum as great as the S7, but Roborock managed to pull it off with the S7 MaxV for $639.99 ($220 off) and S7 MaxV Ultra for $1,059.99 ($340 off). Taking the crown as Roborock’s newest flagships, both models feature upgraded navigation that better detects and avoids obstacles along their paths, an industry-leading 5,100 Pa of suction unlike anything found in a commercial robot vacuum, and the same retractable vibrating mop head from the base S7. For maximum automation, spring for the S7 MaxV Ultra with included Empty Wash Fill Dock, which self-cleans the vacuum and mop to maintain optimal performance.

Note: This special offer on the S7 MaxV Ultra ends on August 31, two days before the rest of these deals expire.

For Those Who Like to Clean by Hand

Roborock Dyad cleaning up a spill on hardwood floors

Sometimes all you need is a good manual vacuum to sweep the house on the weekends. The Roborock Dyad for $329.99 ($120 off) will help you do exactly that, supporting both wet and dry demands, thanks to its dual opposing rollers. It’s equipped with a 180-degree swiveling brush head, long battery life, and adaptive cleaning capabilities that adjust power output based on the mess detected.

For users who want to own a manual vacuum and a robot vacuum, Roborock is selling a S7 MaxV Ultra + Dyad bundle for $1339.99 ($509.99 off).

Allergy Suffers, Rejoice!

Roborock Q5 Plus driving across the floor to its Auto-Empty Dock

The Q series is Roborock’s newest collection, engineered especially to help owners who suffer from allergies like dust, mold, and pet dander. Thanks to its 2,700 Pa of power — a higher degree of suction than what can be found in most commercial robot vacuums — the Q5 for $329.99 ($100 off) is able to reach deep into carpets to extract more dirt and debris. Add on the Auto-Empty Dock that comes with the Q5+ for a total of $549.99 ($150 off), and you can go up to seven weeks without needing to empty your vacuum.

Enjoy These Roborock Sales Through September 2

Roborock 8th Anniversary Sale on the Roborock S7

You can take advantage of these special discounts on Roborock’s most advanced robot vacuums from August 29 through September 2. Simply click on any of the Roborock Store links below, add the desired vacuum to your cart, and check out, no special coupons or codes necessary.


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