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Word, Excel, and PowerPoint have been available on the iPad for years, and Microsoft occasionally rolls out new features. Now the company is testing improved support for pencil input across all Office apps.

Some iPad models support Scribble, a form of text input that converts handwritten words into text. It’s available in any text field, but now Microsoft is integrating it more visibly into the Office apps on iPad. There’s a new Scribble Pen button in the ‘Draw’ tab in Office apps, which will hide the touch keyboard (if you don’t have a real keyboard connected) and allow you to write over any text area in the document.

Microsoft said on its site, “Office Mobile now supports the Apple’s Scribble, allowing you to convert your handwriting to text in Office creations. This new feature allows you to insert and edit text in your document, presentation, or worksheet on your iPad using your Apple Pencil.”

You still need an Apple Pencil, or another iPad-compatible stylus, like the Logitech Crayon. You also have to enable Scribble from the iPad’s Settings app, under the ‘Apple Pencil’ section. Microsoft is still testing the feature in its Office Insiders program, so unless you want sign up and use beta-quality versions of Office, you’ll have to wait a bit longer for Scribble support to roll out to everyone.

Source: Microsoft
Via: MacRumors

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