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Disney revealed yesterday that prices for Hulu and Disney+ are increasing later this year. However, there are also changes on the way for the much-loved Disney Bundle, which combines the two services with ESPN+.

The Disney Bundle currently includes Disney+, Hulu, and ESPN+, at a price cheaper than paying for all three services (or even just Disney+ and Hulu) on their own. The plan currently costs $13.99 per month, but if you want Hulu without ads, it’s increased to $19.99/month.

Disney will launch the long-awaited Disney+ plan with ads on December 8, 2022, and the Disney Bundle will change on the same day. There will be a $9.99/month option with Disney+ and Hulu, and a $12.99/month option that adds ESPN+. Disney+ and Hulu with both have advertisements, no matter which plan you pick.

The updated Bundle pricing is still a good deal relative to the standalone services — for example, the bundle with ads will be just $2 more per month than Disney+ with ads on its own. However, the ability to mix ad-supported Hulu and premium Disney+ is going away, and ESPN+ isn’t even offered on the cheaper bundle.

Disney says any existing subscribers for the Disney Bundle will keep their existing plan and features. If you’ve had your eye on the bundle, and you definitely want Disney+ without ads, now might be the time to sign up (or any point before December 8). Disney also allows you to upgrade an existing Disney+ or Hulu account to the Disney bundle, so if you already pay for one of those services, you don’t even have to cancel anything.

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