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AI systems that can generate custom art on demand are here. With this exciting new technology making it into the hands of the public, there’s now an entirely new option when it comes to choosing art to decorate your home.

Meet Your Personal AI Artist

You may have heard of OpenAI’s DALL-E and DALL-E 2 AI art generation systems and the amazing original images they can create based on nothing more than a plain human language description, known as a “prompt.”

While DALL-E has received the most media attention and is arguably the most impressive example of this technology, it’s far from the only AI art generation system out there. From relatively simple examples such as Craiyon to DALL-E competitors such as Google’s Imagen, there’s no shutting Pandora’s box of sophisticated image generation technology.

While Google and OpenAI have been slow to let the general public get their hands on Imagen or DALL-E, other solutions such as Midjourney are in open beta. All of the examples of AI art in this article have been created using Midjourney, and you can sign up for a trial and subsequently pay for dedicated GPU time to create your own works based on prompts.

Whichever AI artist platform you settle on, these tools offer a new artwork source and a unique opportunity to do something special with your work and living spaces.

AI Art Lets You Control Your Decor

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You can iterate on your ideas thanks to how AI art generation tools like MidJurney of DALL-E work. As your understanding of the tool and your prompt phrasing evolve, you can get closer and closer to creating exactly the visual art you imagined.

When working with human artists, this is usually both impractical and unaffordable. Now you can take control of everything from the art style to what color palette should be used. You can create exactly the overall visual effect you’re looking for and change it easily when you grow tired of it.

Goodbye to Mass-Produced Prints

Most of the art people put in their homes are mass-produced prints of well-known works, or low-cost decorative art pieces that you’d buy at decor megastores. While there’s nothing inherently wrong with this, it does mean that we decorate our homes with artwork anyone can have.

With AI-generated art, what you hang in your home is a totally unique piece. At least, the odds of someone else generating exactly the same piece is so astronomically small it may as well be impossible.

Midjourney, for example, allows you to keep generated art pieces private (for an additional fee). That way you can ensure that the prints you put on your walls aren’t hanging in anyone else’s home.

AI Art Democratizes Art Commissions

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Commissioning personalized artwork from human artists is still reserved for relatively wealthy members of society. Artists don’t come cheap, and putting unique, original art in your home is a long and expensive process. Human artists are also in short supply, so finding someone who can create the piece you’re looking for can be a challenge even if you have the budget.

AI Art Is Affordable

With AI art generation, having customized art made to your specifications is within the reach of virtually anyone. The cost of generating the pieces is negligible and you have many choices when it comes to physically reproducing a piece for display, from affordable paper prints to high-end canvas reproductions.

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You Own the Art You Generate

Midjourney / Sydney Butler

Each platform has its own specific licensing agreements, but in general, you own the rights to the artwork generated by your prompts. That means you’re free to use it for any purpose, including commercial ones. This differs from commissioned artwork, where you may have to pay extra for commercial rights or enter a royalty agreement. Even if you just want some art to decorate your home, knowing that the art is actually yours and no one else has a claim to it can be a source of great satisfaction.

Human Artists Are Always Welcome

Although it’s easy to be excited about AI art and all the interesting ways we can use it to make our lives more interesting, it’s not the universal solution to bare walls in homes worldwide. While we think there’s plenty of merit in hanging AI art on your wall, that doesn’t mean we think every artwork in every home should be generated by algorithms!

Art has value for many reasons, but most of all, it’s valued because it’s an expression of humanity. Of course, the AI art created from your prompts are your expressions, but artwork created by others lets us get in touch with another human’s (for lack of a better word) “soul.”

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