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Firefox releases usually aren’t as feature-packed as new updates for Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge, but today’s Firefox 103 update has a few helpful changes.

Firefox now has improved performance on high refresh rate monitors running at 120Hz or above, which should come in handy for anyone with a higher-end PC gaming setup, or Mac computers with Apple ProMotion screens (currently just the 14 and 16-inch MacBook Pro). Speaking of Mac, Firefox 103 also has “Improved responsiveness on macOS during periods of high CPU load.”

Mozilla is also still improving captions in Picture-in-Picture mode, which first arrived in the Firefox 101 update. If you have captions enabled on whatever you’re watching (and the site is compatible with captions in PiP), you can now adjust the font size directly from the popup window. Mozilla has also added compatibility with subtitles on Funimation, Dailymotion, Tubi, Hotstar, and SonyLIV.

Picture-in-Picture on Firefox, running on Windows
Picture-in-Picture on Firefox

There are a few other minor new features in desktop Firefox 103. Required fields are now highlighted when editing PDF forms, startup time has been improved on PCs with mechanical hard drives (as opposed to the best SSDs), and most of the browsers’ buttons are now reachable with the Tab and Arrow keys. Firefox also now pins itself to the taskbar on Windows after installation.

There’s not much going on with the Android version of Firefox this time around — version 103 just has three bug fixes and no new features. Mozilla hasn’t published a changelog for Firefox 103 on iPhone and iPad yet, and it hasn’t started rolling out on the App Store either.

Firefox 103 is slowly rolling out to Windows, macOS, Linux, and Android — if you don’t have it yet, you should get it soon. You can download Firefox from Mozilla’s official website, the Google Play StoreApple App Store, and Microsoft Store.

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