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It’s been tough to get your hands on an Xbox Series X or PlayStation 5 console since their release in 2020. But, just like now is a great time to buy a GPU at its retail price, you should know Xbox Series X console availability has improved dramatically.

The Xbox Series X may not always be available at every store, but it’s becoming much easier to find it in stock. In fact, we’ve seen several online stores that seem to have had them in stock for more than a week now. If you want to pick up an Xbox Series X, it will be pretty easy—you won’t have to buy “bundles” with a bunch of items you don’t need. You can get one for its $499.99 retail price. You won’t have to join premium subscriptions like Walmart+, Amazon Prime, and GameStop PowerUp Rewards.

Here are some places you can find it as of late July 2022:

  • Walmart has the Xbox Series X in stock as of the publication of this article. You don’t need Walmart+, either—anyone can just order one online for shipping.
  • Microsoft is selling Xbox Series X consoles through its own online store. We’ve noticed good availability on Microsoft’s website recently. You can even get a manufacturer-refurbished model and save $30. The refurbished models are more consistently in stock.
  • Target is offering the Xbox Series X for pickup in the next two hours at my local store, although it’s not shipping online. Your mileage may vary.
  • Best Buy isn’t currently selling the Xbox Series X online, and it isn’t available at any of my local stores. Your mileage may vary.
  • Costco: Costco members can pick up an Xbox Series X with an additional controller for $549.99 with online shipping. It’s a fair price if you want a second controller anyway. (Of course, you do need a Costco membership for this one, just like you need a membership for pretty much everything at Costco.)
  • Amazon is still requiring you ask for an “invitation” to buy an Xbox Series X. However, asking for the invitation just involves clicking a button—it’s worth a shot if you’d prefer buying it from Amazon.
  • Newegg is still requiring you buy the Xbox Series X as part of a combo pack with other items.
  • GameStop does not have new Xbox Series X consoles but may have refurbished models in your local stores.

Even Verizon is now starting to sell Xbox Series X consoles (as part of the Xbox All Access subscription that includes Game Pass—not for the standard up-front $499.99 price.)

It would be nice if this console were even more consistently available, but it’s 2022, and supply chains are weird for all sorts of items. Even if you strike out and all of these stores are out of stock when you look for one, there’s a good chance they will come back in stock soon. It’s not like it was anymore—consoles don’t just appear in stock and sell out almost immediately. You don’t have to pay attention to social media to score a console “drop” or pay a high markup on eBay.

Now if only Sony’s PlayStation 5 would be more consistently in stock. Hopefully, that will happen soon, too

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