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Dell Mobile Connect is an application on many Dell PCs that can synchronize notifications, file transfers, and even screen sharing with a smartphone. However, it’s now shutting down.

Dell announced in a support article that Dell Mobile Connect and Alienware Mobile Connect are shutting down. People in Canada, the United States, and Japan won’t be able to download it after November 30, 2022, and the servers will shut down on January 31, 2023. Everywhere else, the app won’t be downloadable starting July 31, and it will be discontinued on November 30.

The Dell Mobile Connect service can send notifications from your phone to your PC, with the ability to manage them (including sending replies) without reaching for your phone. It can also display your phone’s screen on your PC.

The service was handy when it launched in 2018, but Microsoft Phone Link is a much better alternative these days, except that it doesn’t work with iPhones like Dell’s tool. KDE Connect is another option, as it works with many different mobile devices (including iPhones) and PCs. There’s still not a true alternative to the cross-device integration you’d get from a Mac and an iPhone, since one company controls the whole experience, but Microsoft’s Phone Link tool paired with one of the best Android phones is a close second place.

Source: Dell
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