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Update, 01/29/2023: We’ve reviewed our recommendations and are confident these are still the best Pixel 6a cases you can buy.

What to Look For in a Google Pixel 6a Case in 2023

The Pixel 6a isn’t a glass sandwich like the other Pixel 6-series phones. Instead, it comes with Corning’s Gorilla Glass 3 on the front and a plastic-like material called a 3D thermoformed composite on the back. But even though the Pixel 6a might feel a bit more durable doesn’t mean it’s any less susceptible to damage from drops, bumps, or scratches. It’s still a good idea to get a case.

But you can’t pick just any old phone case. Not all cases offer the same level of protection, and if you buy a case that doesn’t work with your lifestyle, you may end up with a broken Pixel.

One of the essential features to look for in a case is a shock absorption mechanism. Whether it’s air cushions on the corners or the use of shock-absorbent material like TPU or silicone, it will absorb and disperse the shock of an impact rather than passing it on your phone and damaging it.

Beyond that, you will find different types of cases on the market, each targeting a different set of consumers. That way, you can pick the type of case that best suits your needs. For example, if you work at a construction site, you’ll want a rugged case to help the Pixel 6a survive your day-to-day work. Meanwhile, if you need all of your essentials like cards in one place, a wallet case will be a better fit.

Lastly, the look and feel of a case are also crucial. After all, you want something that looks pleasing and feels comfortable in hand. Even the most protective cases won’t mean much if you don’t want to use them!

With all that in mind, here are our picks for the best Pixel 6a cases.

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Best Pixel 6a Case Overall: Caseology Parallax

Caseology Parallax pictures


  • Textured grip on the sides
  • Multiple color options
  • Attractive design and precise cutouts


  • Sage Green gets dirty easily

Caseology cases are very protective, and they don’t look bland either. That mix of form and function nets Caseology Parallax our pick for the base case overall. The Parallax features a textured side grip to reduce the risk of the phone slipping from your hand. It also offers military-grade protection, so even if you accidentally drop the phone, the case will keep it safe.

The 3D Hexa Cube design on the back of the case not only adds to its look, but the texture makes the phone easier to hold, as well. You also get raised edges on the front and around the rear camera setup to safeguard both areas from scratches and other damage.

Although the Parallax isn’t particularly slim, it doesn’t add too much bulk to the Pixel 6a either. There are thinner cases if you need them, though.

Lastly, you can get the Caseology Parallax in three color options—Sage Green, Midnight Blue, and Matte Black. The light color of the Sage Green case will show dirt faster than the darker colorways, though, so keep that in mind when you make your purchase!

Best Pixel 6a Case Overall

Caseology Parallax

From military-grade protection to a stylish design, the Caseology Parallax has a lot going for it. Additionally, it comes in three exciting colors.

Best Budget Pixel 6a Case: Weycolor Liquid Silicone Case

Weycolor case on table


  • Affordable
  • Easy access to ports
  • Raised edges to protect the screen


  • Not very protective

A mid-range phone is still an expensive investment, so if you’re looking for a case that won’t add much to the hefty price tag, the Weycolor Liquid Silicone Case is a good value at $10. It has a simple design with no fancy bells and whistles, though you get some color options. So if you don’t want a plain black look, you can pick from Blackish Green, Purple, and Yellow.

The Weycolor case has all the typical features you’d expect from a quality case, such as raised edges on the front and around the camera bar, a non-slip finish, and precise cutouts. It’s also thin and lightweight but still provides a decent level of protection. It won’t protect the 6a on the same level as a rugged case might, but it’s more than enough for daily wear and tear.

In addition, the company has included microfiber lining to ensure the phone doesn’t get scratches or scuff marks from the case itself—a nice little bonus feature to keep your phone in the best possible condition.

Best Budget Pixel 6a Case

Weycolor Liquid Silicone Case

The Weycolor Liquid Silicone Case gets the basics right and doesn't cost a fortune. Moreover, it comes in multiple color options.

Best Pixel 6a Wallet Case: Clayco Cache

Clayco Cache case on purple background


  • Built-in card holder
  • Top-notch protection
  • Easy to install and uninstall


  • Bulky

The Clayco Cache is a fantastic option if you want to ditch your wallet. It features a slot on the back that can hold up to two cards and some cash. The slot securely houses your cards, and when you need them, you can use the cutout on the bottom half of the case to slide them out.

Even without the wallet slot, the case has much going for it. It provides solid protection against drops, scratches, and bumps. Additionally, the case has precise cutouts, raised edges, and slip-resistant sides.

Thanks to the use of flexible material, installing or uninstalling the case is effortless. But unfortunately, you only get a single color option, so you’re stuck with black. Also, the Cache is a bit bulky, but that’s to be expected with any wallet case.

Best Pixel 6a Wallet Case

Clayco Cache

Live a wallet-free life with the Clayco Cache. It has everything you want in a good wallet case---storage for cards, solid protection, and a nice design.

Best Rugged Pixel 6a Case: Poetic Revolution Series

person using Poetic Revolution Series Case


  • Excellent protection
  • Built-in screen protector
  • Five color options
  • Built-in kickstand


  • Design may not appeal to everyone

The Poetic Revolution Series doesn’t mess around with keeping the Pixel 6a safe. This industrial-looking case can withstand a beating, and it’s rated for protection against six-foot drops. It also features a flap to keep the dust and lint out of the USB-C port.

Among other features, you get a built-in kickstand for hands-free viewing and a built-in screen protector. But if you don’t like Poetic’s screen protector, you get an extra blank front frame to use a different protector, if you want to.

You can buy the Poetic Revolution Series case in five exciting colors, including the standard but great-looking black version.

However, if you are not a fan of Poetic Revolution’s industrial look and prefer something a little more subtle, UAG Scout Series is an excellent alternative. It offers a similar level of protection with a more understated look, but it does lack a built-in screen protector.

Best Rugged Pixel 6a Case

Poetic Revolution Series

Poetic is known for its rugged cases, and the Revolution Series is perfect for the Pixel 6a. It provides top-notch protection.

Best Clear Pixel 6a Case: Spigen Ultra Hybrid

Spigen Ultra Hybrid collage


  • Solid protection
  • Thin profile
  • Crystal clear design


  • Attracts fingerprints

The Spigen Ultra Hybrid is the perfect case for your Pixel 6a if you don’t want to hide the phone’s appearance. Thanks to its transparent design, you can flaunt the color and design of the phone without worrying about getting into a mishap and damaging it.

Speaking of protection, the case is full of safeguards. For example, it has Spigen’s Air Cushion technology to absorb the impact in case of a drop. Additionally, the case comes with raised edges, a scratch-resistant polycarbonate back, and TPU sides.

The company also uses anti-yellowing resin in the Ultra Hybrid to ensure it doesn’t lose its crystal clear look like many other transparent clear cases.

Among other highlights, the case is slim and lightweight. You don’t have to worry about adding unnecessary bulk to the Pixel 6a with the Ultra Hybrid.

Best Clear Pixel 6a Case

Spigen Ultra Hybrid

You don't have to hide the Pixel 6a's aesthetics for protection, thanks to Spigen Ultra Hybrid's transparent design and superior drop protection.

Best Thin Pixel 6a Case: Spigen Liquid Air Armor

Spigen Liquid Air Armor pictures


  • Slim and lightweight
  • Sleek design
  • Textured sides for enhanced grip


  • Only one color option
  • Edges aren't raised a lot

You don’t need a bulky case to get top-notch protection. The Spigen Liquid Air Armor is slim and lightweight, but it has everything to keep your phone safe during day-to-day usage. Its micro-textured pattern on the back looks sleek and adds plenty of extra grip.

Additionally, Spigen has made the power button textured to distinguish it from the volume rocker that sits just below it. There will be no pressing the wrong button with this case!

Thanks to the slim design, the case has no issues slipping into pockets, and its matte finish ensures it’s not a fingerprint magnet.

In terms of protection, like most Spigen cases, the Liquid Air Armor has air pockets on the corners and Spiderweb molding to absorb any shock from impact.

Unfortunately, the edges of the Liquid Air Armor aren’t as pronounced as some of our other recommendations. But that’s a sacrifice you make when you want a thin profile. You can still protect the front from scratches by using a screen protector, such as Spigen’s Glas.tR AlignMaster or the Caseology Snap Fit.

Best Thin Pixel 6a Case

Spigen Liquid Air Armor

The Liquid Air Armor is a no-nonsense case from Spigen that combines a slim design with a sturdy build to guard your phone against everyday accidents.

Best Leather Pixel 6a Case: Bellroy Leather Case

Bellroy cases on grey background


  • Elegant and premium look
  • Four color options
  • Three-year warranty
  • Excellent fit and finish


  • Expensive

Bellroy has long been a Google partner, and the company has consistently produced the best leather cases for the Pixel phones. The new Bellroy Leather Case for the Pixel 6a is no exception. It looks equally as premium and elegant as any other Bellroy case. The case also keeps a slim profile and features a soft microfiber lining.

The Bellroy case uses a polycarbonate body wrapped edge-to-edge in leather. It feels great in hand and provides excellent protection against mishaps. You also get slightly raised edges to keep the screen and the camera bar free from scratches.

You can pick from four color options, so there’s a bit of variety in what case you can get. Another advantage of choosing a Bellroy case is the three-year warranty, which covers faults in both materials and workmanship.

Given it’s a genuine leather case, it’s considerably more expensive than some of our other recommendations. But if you like leather cases, you can’t go wrong with Bellroy.

Best Leather Pixel 6a Case

Bellroy Leather Case

Bellroy is no stranger to Pixel cases, and the company’s Pixel 6a leather case is the best you can get. It looks great and is available in four exciting colors.

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