Caps Lock key on a keyboard.
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Chromebooks have very unique keyboard layouts. Where most keyboards have a Caps Lock key, Chromebooks have a search key instead. Using Caps Lock takes a little extra work, which means turning it off is a little more complex too.

Turn Off Caps Lock on a Chromebook

There are two ways to enable Caps Lock with a Chromebook keyboard, which means there are two ways to turn it off. First, you can use the keyboard shortcut Alt+Search. Just press both keys at the same time.

If you use Caps Lock a lot, you can change the behavior of the Search key entirely and turn it into a Caps Lock key. In that case, simply pressing the key will toggle Caps Lock on and off.

select Caps Lock

It should be noted that you can still use Alt+Search to toggle Caps Lock even if you swap the behavior of the Search key.

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Turn On Caps Lock on a Chromebook

To turn Caps Lock on, you simply need to repeat the methods mentioned above. That’s either the Alt+Search keyboard shortcut or just the Search key if you swapped it. The Alt+Search shortcut is best if you actually use the Search key for its intended purpose. If you don’t, you might as well swap it to Caps Lock.

Caps Lock is a little weird on Chromebooks, but that’s what happens when a search company designs an operating system. There are a lot of other nifty features that you should check out on Chromebooks too.

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