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Facebook was one of the first social media platforms to embrace an algorithmically-sorted timeline, much to the dismay of anyone wanting to know everything their friends and family are doing in real-time. Facebook is now bringing back a chronological feed… sorta.

Facebook is starting to roll out a new ‘Feeds’ tab in the mobile apps, located at the bottom of the screen on iPhone, and the top of the screen on Android. Feeds is a purely chronological list of recent posts, so newest posts always show up at the top, and there are no ‘Suggested For You’ items or advertisements. The normal starting page in the Facebook app will be renamed to ‘Home’ to differentiate it from Feeds.

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However, while other platforms like Instagram Twitter have a simple switch for chronological and algorithmic modes, Facebook is handling it differently. Meta (the company that owns Facebook) said in a blog post, “we’re introducing Feeds, a new tab that lets you easily see the most recent posts from your friends, Pages and groups. You can curate a Favorites list of the friends and Pages you care about most and filter their content in this new tab.”

It’s a bit strange that you must manually add people and pages to the Feeds page to see their posts in order, but it does make Feeds a more filtered (and less noisy) experience — a bit like Twitter Lists. Either way, the option to restore algorithmic feeds has been endlessly requested over the past few years, and Facebook is now obliging.

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