Gas station.

Have you ever filled up your vehicle and then immediately saw a better price and a different gas station? With a few simple tips, you can make sure you’re getting the best price in your area.

The problem with hunting around for the best gas prices is you’re wasting gas in the process. That’s why it’s much better to find the best price before you start driving. We’ll show you a few apps you can use to make sure you’re not wasting money on gas.

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Google Maps

Gas prices on Google Maps mobile.

The most convenient option for tracking gas prices is Google Maps. You probably already have the app on your phone, and even if you don’t, the gas feature works in a browser as well.

All you have to do is search for “gas near me” or tap the “Gas” shortcut. Nearby gas stations will populate on the map (sidebar on desktop). Simply zoom and pan around to see the prices. Select a gas station to see the prices for different fuel grades.

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Google Maps is a great resource for checking gas prices, but that’s not its main purpose. For even more in-depth gas tracking features, you should try GasBuddy. It can track prices and give you alerts for gas hikes. You don’t need an account to use it.

GasBuddy is available for Android, iPhone, and iPad. You don’t need an account to use it. After you get past the introduction screens and grant location permission, go to the “Find Gas” tab.

Tap the "Find Gas" tab.

This is where you’ll see a list of all the gas stations nearby. The app may ask you to choose your fuel grade. If it doesn’t, you can choose it from the toolbar.

Choose fuel grade.

Price hike notifications are enabled by default; you can find them by tapping the profile icon on the “For You” tab.

Price Hike notifications.

GasBuddy also takes input from users. If you find the prices are not accurate at a gas station, you can open the location in the app and report the updated prices for other people.

Report Prices if they aren't correct.

That’s the basics of using GasBuddy to find cheap gas in your area. There are some other features worth exploring if you find yourself using the app a lot. It’s a great tool.

Learn as You Go

Google Maps and GasBuddy are very helpful for not only showing you the best gas prices, but also helping you learn. You’ll find that the cheapest gas is often at the same gas stations. After a while, you’ll figure out which places have the best prices without needing to check the apps all the time.

You’ll also find that the cheapest gas isn’t always the best place to go. It doesn’t make much sense to drive out of your way for better gas prices. However, you may find a gas station that is only slightly off your usual route.

The moral of the story is reconnaissance. By taking a quick glance at these apps, you can save yourself some money the next time you need to fill up.

Your phone is going to be with you anyway, so you might as well use it at the gas station, too.

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