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Are you having email problems with an account? Don’t worry, you’re not alone — it’s a widespread problem, and Microsoft is trying to fix it.

Microsoft’s service health dashboard reports that is currently having problems, with the company saying “users may be unable to access or use services or features.” Downdetector, a popular service for tracking when popular apps and services go down, has received a spike of reports for, Office 365, and Microsoft accounts.

Graph showing two large spikes,
Graph of Outlook outage reports from Downdetector, as of 11:00 AM on July 18, one at 9 AM and another at 10:30 AM Downdetector

Some people are reporting general issues with Office 365, but most of the comments are related to slow or broken synchronization for Outlook, and messages taking much longer to send than normal. There are also many reports on social media. Older Hotmail and Windows Live email addresses might also be affected, since they use much of the same infrastructure as current accounts.

If you have an email that absolutely needs to go out right now, it might be a good idea to dig up a Gmail or Yahoo account. Otherwise, it shouldn’t take long for the outage to be fixed.

Source: Downdetector, Bleeping Computer, Microsoft

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