Roku remote on phone.

A great thing about Roku devices is they all come with a handy Roku remote. However, we all know how easy they are to lose. Thankfully, you can use your phone as a Roku remote too.

This is possible through the official Roku Remote app available for iPhone, iPad, and Android. It allows you to mimic the behavior of the physical remote and do cool things like launch channels directly.

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First, download the app and open it. You’ll be asked to accept the terms and conditions and the privacy policy to “Continue.”

Tap "Continue."

The next screens will explain that you can save shows and movies to watch later, control Roku devices with the remote, and it will ask if you’d like to sign in. You’ll need to be signed in to save things to Watch Later and watch the Roku Channel in the app. You can opt to “Continue as Guest.”

Roku intro screens.

After you’ve signed in with your Roku account or continued as a guest, you’ll be brough to the “Home” tab. The first thing to do is go to the “Devices” tab.

Go to the "Devices" tab.

The app will scan for Roku devices on your network. Tap the Roku device you’d like to control when it appears.

Select your Roku device.

Once connected, you can jump straight to the “Remote.” There is also a “Remote” tab at the bottom of the screen.

Open the "Remote."

Depending on your device, you may need to grant the app permission to connect to nearby devices.

Grant permission to access nearby devices.

The remote interface has the same buttons as the physical remote and more. The microphone icon can be used to do voice searches. The headphones icon will route audio through your phone instead of the TV.

Remote interface.

One of the handiest things about the remote app is the shortcuts to Roku channels. Rather than navigating around the home screen, you can launch a channel directly from the app with the “Recent Channels” button at the bottom.

Tap the "Recent Channels" tab.

If you chose to sign in with your Roku account, you can also start movies and TV shows on your Roku device from the “Save List” tab.

The "Save List" tab.

That’s how you can control your Roku with your phone! The Roku remote app is really nice, even better than the physical remote. It’s one of the great things about having a Roku for your streaming needs.

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