The new Taskbar in Windows 7 is a great new feature, but sometimes you might have too many apps and not enough room. Today we take a look at Jumplist Launcher that allows you to consolidate the app launchers on the Taskbar.

Using Jumplist Launcher

Jumplist Launcher doesn’t require installation and you can run it directly from your hard drive or a flash drive and launch the executable.

After launching it you’re presented with a configuration dialog screen to begin setting up your jump lists. You can create different Groups and name them to suite your needs. You can browse to program and file directories, but the easiest way I’ve found is to drag shortcuts into Jumplist Launcher.

You can add up to 60 different Jumplist items.

After you have created the lists, make sure to pin the program to the taskbar and close out of the app. Then you can still access the items by right-clicking the icon on the taskbar.

Occasionally there are errors while adding items to the Jumplist, but the problem seems to correct itself right away, so just click OK to the dialog box. If you do get errors or find any bugs it’s recommended to post them on the developers blog.


For this article we used Jumplist Launcher Version 7 on Windows 7 Ultimate (32-bit). It looks like this project is in constant development, and there are still a few bugs, but it works and and can be quite useful. This cool little app is a great way to consolidate taskbar launchers and save space on the Taskbar.

Download Jumplist Launcher