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To type an x-bar character in Word, type the letter x and then hold the Alt key while typing the numbers 0773 on your numberic keypad. Alternatively, you can insert the x̅ symbol using Word's equation editor.

Typing the x̅ symbol in Microsoft Word documents is not as straightforward as typing other symbols. However, you have a couple of not-so-difficult ways to insert this symbol into your document. We’ll show you what those ways are.

One way to add the X-bar symbol in Word is to use your keyboard’s numeric pad. If your keyboard doesn’t have that, use Word’s built-in equation editor to add the symbol. We’ll explain both these methods in the guide below.

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Use the Numeric Pad to Add an X-Bar Symbol in Word

If your keyboard has a numeric pad (a section containing numeric keys usually located to the right of all your keys), then press a few buttons on this pad to display the X-bar symbol.

To start, open your document with Microsoft Word. Then, place the cursor where you want to add the x̅ symbol and type x .

Now, hold down the Alt key on your keyboard and press 0773 on your numeric pad.

Type the X-bar symbol in Word.

Word will immediately add an X-bar symbol at your cursor’s location, and you’re all set.

To use the symbol again, simply press the same keys (Alt+0773) or copy the symbol you just added and paste it wherever you want.

Use the Equation Editor to Insert an X-Bar Symbol in Word

Another way to add the x̅ symbol in your documents is to use Word’s built-in equation editor. In this editor, you choose a bar line (the line that appears at the top of x) and then type “x”.

To use it, first, open your document with Microsoft Word. Then, place the cursor where you want to add the X-bar symbol.

Next, from Word’s ribbon at the top, select the “Insert” tab. On this tab, in the “Symbols” section, click the down-arrow icon next to “Equation” and choose “Insert New Equation.”

In the “Equation” tab, at the top, select “Accent” and then choose the “Bar” symbol.

Your selected equation will appear in your document. Here, click the dotted box and type x . Then, click anywhere outside of the box.

Insert the X-bar symbol in Word.

And you now have an x̅ symbol in your Word document. Enjoy!

Just like that, you can add the degree, copyright, fractioncent, and music symbols to your Word documents. Check out our guides to learn how.

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