Roku devices are an easy way to get all your favorite streaming services onto your TV. They’re not without their annoyances though. Out of the box, the Roku interface makes a sound for every button press on the menu. Here’s how to turn that off.

If you’re reading this, you probably know all too well what I’m talking about. Every movement and selection on the home screen and in menus make an audible sound. You can change the volume of these sounds or turn them off altogether.

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To get started, let’s navigate to “Settings” in the left sidebar on the Roku home screen.

Go to "Settings."

Next, select “Audio” from the Settings options.

Select "Audio."

The one we want here is “Menu Volume.”

Select "Menu Volume."

If you don’t want to turn off the sounds completely, you have three volume options to choose from—“High,” “Medium,” and “Low.” In this case, we’re going to simply turn all sounds “Off.”

Choose "Off."

That’s all there is to it! Those annoying sounds on the home screen won’t bother you anymore—or they’ll be a little quieter. It’s a pretty common feature for TV devices like this. Some people like to hear some audio confirmation when they are controlling things remotely. Thankfully, Roku makes it easy to adjust or disable.

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