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Update, 04/10/2023: We’ve reviewed our recommendations and have updated our best for Mac pick.

What to Look For in an Ergonomic Keyboard in 2023

Ergonomic keyboards essentially serve the same purpose as a regular keyboard. The main difference is that an ergonomic option will provide different levels of support to your wrists, hands, or fingers to create a more comfortable typing experience. They’re designed to keep the hands and wrists in a natural position, limiting muscle strain and damage.

That said, there are many different types of ergonomic keyboards on the market. There are a variety of designs, and you’ll want to consider what exactly you’d like in your ergonomic keyboard before buying one.

There are two major categories most ergonomic keyboards fall into. First are the split-design keyboards, which (as the name implies) split the keys in half for more natural wrist positioning. When it comes to these split keyboards, you can get them as two completely detachable halves, or as keys that are still split but still one unit.

The second type is a concave design, where the keyboard features a curved, concave design that ideally reduces overall finger movement. These are better for you if you’re not a fan of having your keys split off.

Ergonomic keyboards will also have certain features such as thumb clusters, groups of high-frequency keys (enter, space, control) closer to where your hands naturally sit requiring less movement and strain to use.

You’ll also want to consider your choice in connectivity—for example, would you rather have a Bluetooth keyboard, or are you fine with wires that connect to your laptop or desktop? Additionally, some keyboards are a better fit for Windows devices, while others can be used on both Windows and Mac.

Our list contains several options, from wireless connectivity to the best keyboard and mouse combination, allowing you to find the best pick for your needs.

Best Ergonomic Keyboard Overall: Microsoft Ergonomic Keyboard

Person using MS Ergonomic Keyboard


  • Great ratings
  • Ample wrist support
  • Cushioned palm rest


  • Wired design
  • Only compatible with Microsoft Windows 10 and limited compatibility for Windows 8.1/7

The Microsoft Ergonomic Keyboard receives our top accolade because it’s an all-around solid option. It’s priced affordably, has fantastic ratings from buyers, and melds wrist and palm support in its ergonomic-approved design.

It doesn’t have a ton of showy specs, but this keyboard has ergonomic features where it counts. A cushioned palm rest that promotes neutral wrist placement, a contoured layout, and built-in key shortcuts for minimal finger movement—this option from Microsoft really shines.

While wired, you won’t have to battle Bluetooth connectivity to ensure your keyboard is linked to your device daily. However, you’ll just want to keep in mind that this pick is best suited for Microsoft Windows 11 or 10 with the latest updates, so if you’re working on anything older or on an Apple device, you’ll most likely want to go with a different keyboard.

That being said, if you’re new to the ergonomic keyboard world and want something easy to use and provides solutions to some of the most common aches and pains, this is a great option at a solid price.

Best Ergonomic Keyboard

Microsoft Ergonomic Keyboard

Featuring a split keyboard design, the Microsoft Ergonomic Keyboard takes some getting used to, but will keep your wrists in a more natural position, reducing strain.

Best Budget Ergonomic Keyboard: Logitech K350

Logitech K350 on purple background


  • Less than $40
  • Curved layout
  • Long battery life
  • Wireless


  • Only works with Windows
  • Requires a USB port for connectivity

Fancy tech can get expensive, fast—but the Logitech K350, a wireless ergonomic keyboard with cushioned rests and adjustable keyboard height, is an impressive option, especially considering its affordable price point.

The K350 has a lot to offer. It has a wave design with a curve throughout, intended to guide your hands to the most comfortable and natural position. It also contains a contoured cushioned palm rest, plus the option to adjust the height of the keyboard, making it fully customizable to your natural hand placement.

Another cool feature? You can customize the F keys, allowing you to easily open up your most used apps or shortcuts. And, according to Logitech, the battery life lasts up to 3 years.

This is a strong pick if you already own a Windows-based PC, as compatibility goes all the way from Windows XP up to Windows 11. It isn’t compatible with Apple devices, though, and you’ll need a free USB port for the wireless connectivity to work. If those are issues, you might want to try another option!

Best Budget Ergonomic Keyboard

Logitech K350

A comprehensive option with a fair amount of ergonomic features at an affordable price.

Best Split Ergonomic Keyboard: Logitech ERGO K860

Person using Logitech ERGO K860


  • Curved, split keyframe
  • Memory foam wrist rest
  • Compatible with Windows, Mac, Chrome, Linux, Android, and iOS
  • Made from sustainable materials


  • Expensive
  • Some users had trouble with the wireless connectivity

Logitech’s ERGO K860 is a shining star in the world of ergonomic keyboards. While priced a bit higher than other options on our list, it’s for a good reason. This ergonomic keyboard boasts ample ergonomic-friendly features, plus it’s compatible with a variety of operating systems and devices, including Windows, Mac OS, Chrome OS, and Linux.

From an ergonomic standpoint, the K860 is impressive. It has a curved, split keyframe design, which is intended to help reduce muscle strain on your wrists and forearms. The split keyboard is fixed so it remains as one unit, but the keys are still designed to fall where your hands naturally sit.

The pillowed wrist rest contains a memory foam layer that, according to Logitech, offers 54% more wrist support and 25% less wrist bending when compared to your standard keyboard. It also has perfect stroke keys—slightly scooped key designs that match the shape of your fingertips, allowing for more fluid typing.

There’s also an adjustable palm lift that’s designed to keep your wrists comfortable and at a natural typing posture. You can switch between 3 options—0, -4, or -7 degrees.

You can connect up to 3 devices to this keyboard, and the battery life lasts up to 24 months. Just note that while it’s compatible with Mac and iPhones, it still requires a USB port for connectivity, so you’ll want to ensure you have one before purchasing.

Otherwise, the K860 is a great buy that contains tons of ergonomic bells and whistles.

Best Split Ergonomic Keyboard

Logitech ERGO K860

Read Review Geek's Full Review

An ergonomic keyboard with tons of cool features, though its cost reflects its many capabilities.

Best Wireless Ergonomic Keyboard: Perixx Periboard-612

Perixx Periboard on green background


  • Completely wireless
  • Split design
  • Compatible with both Mac and Windows


  • Have to switch the main control keys if you want to use a Mac
  • Keys may feel a bit bulky to some users
  • No Windows 11 compatibility

If you’re looking for a wireless ergonomic keyboard, the Perixx Periboard-612 is a great option. It features a wide palm rest and a split key design that should help your hands rest more naturally. At less than $100, it’s a solid bang for your buck.

Outside of its ergonomic layout, it boasts full Bluetooth connectivity that can be used with either Windows or Mac devices. The default setting is MacOSX; however, there’s a switch at the bottom of the keyboard that easily allows you to switch between the operating systems. Just note that you’ll need either Windows 10 or MacOSX 10.10 to use this accessory—it’s not compatible with Windows 11.

There are also four switchable keycaps for Mac and Windows that permit you to customize the keyboard to your device of choice.

Regardless of your operating system, this ergonomic keyboard from Perixx is a solid option, especially if you want to snag one free from wires.

Best Wireless Ergonomic Keyboard

Perixx Perioboard-612 Wireless Keyboard

A solid buy for its wireless connectivity, this option from Perixx is compatible with both Windows and Macs and features great ergonomic elements.

Best Ergonomic Keyboard for Mac: KINESIS Freestyle 2 Blue Wireless

Kinesis Freestyle2 on table


  • Split-keyboard design
  • Wireless connection
  • Easy to actuate keys


  • Lacks cushioning
  • Expensive

Ergonomic keyboards come in all shapes and sizes—but even by those standards, the KINESIS Freestyle 2 Blue Wireless is quirky. Instead of a single, solid keyboard, the Freestyle 2 Blue Wireless is two separate keypads tethered together by a cable. But if you don’t mind a bit of a learning curve, you’ll find the keyboard remarkably comfortable and easy to use with all Mac devices.

The split-keyboard design gives you incredible freedom to position the device in whichever way works best for your wrists. It doesn’t come with as much cushioning as you’d find on other ergonomic keyboards, but that’s a small price for this versatility. And if you ever decide you want a standard keyboard, both halves of the Freestyle Blue 2 Wireless can be hooked together for a more traditional experience.

Plenty of other premium features can be found on this pricey keyboard, including keys that are easy to actuate, the ability to wirelessly pair with three devices (such as your MacBook, iPhone, and iPad), and batteries that will get you up to six months of use before needing a recharge. You’ll also benefit from a traditional Mac keyboard layout and eight additional hotkeys for added functionality.

Best Ergonomic Keyboard for Mac

KINESIS Freestyle 2 Blue Wireless

It might take some time to learn the nuances of this split-keyboard design, but the Freestyle 2 Blue Wireless is a premium, comfortable option for all Mac owners.

Best Ergonomic Keyboard and Mouse Combo: Logitech MK735

Logitech MK735 on pink background


  • Includes a keyboard and mouse for a middle-ground price point
  • Great ratings
  • Curved keys to help fit the pads of your fingers
  • Cushioned palm rest
  • Wireless


  • Only compatible with Windows

Long-lasting tech accessories can quickly become expensive—but with the Logitech MK735 bundle, you can grab a great ergonomic keyboard and mouse for less than $90.

The keyboard (which is Logitech’s MK710 model) features many comfortable ergonomic features, ranging from the slim design to a cushioned palm rest and curved keys, all of which help your hands sit naturally. Meanwhile, it has an LCD dashboard that easily allows you to check the battery life and whether the Caps, Scroll, or Num Locks are on. When it comes to battery life, the keyboard can last up to 36 months with one set of AA batteries.

The accompanying mouse (the Logitech M510) includes a soft rubber grip and wheels, finger support, high-precision tracking, and seven customizable buttons. This little gadget can even last up to two years before needing to swap the batteries out.

However, there are some things to consider before you take the plunge. This Logitech combo is only compatible with Windows. If you’re looking for a Mac keyboard, the DELUX GM902 is a better option. You also need a free USB port to plug a Bluetooth receiver in—though thankfully it connects to both your keyboard and mouse, so you only need one port.

Best Ergonomic Keyboard and Mouse Combo

Logitech MK735

A major bang for your buck, this Logitech keyboard and mouse combination is friendly to your fingers, wrists, and joints.

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