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By turning on AirDrop on your iPhone, you allow nearby iPhone, iPad, and Mac devices to send and receive files from you. You can enable this feature just for your contacts or for everyone. We’ll show you how.

In case you’re new to the feature, AirDrop is Apple’s file transfer feature that allows you to share files between your Apple devices. This feature works wirelessly so you don’t have to use cables to transfer your files.

When you’ve finished using the feature, you can turn AirDrop off to prevent people from sending you files.

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Enable AirDrop on Your iPhone

To activate the feature, first, launch the Settings app on your iPhone.

In Settings, select General > AirDrop.

Tap "AirDrop."

On the “AirDrop” page, choose one of the following options:

  • Receiving Off: Select this option to disable AirDrop on your iPhone.
  • Contacts Only: Choose this option to allow the people saved in your contacts to send you files.
  • Everyone: Select this option to allow everyone to discover your iPhone and send you files.

Select who to enable AirDrop for.

When you’ve enabled AirDrop, nearby AirDrop-enabled devices can find your device and request to send you files. Enjoy!

How to Send Files With AirDrop on iPhone

If you’d like to use AirDrop to share files, first, launch the app in which the file you want to share is located. For the example, we’ll use the Photos app.

In the Photos app, tap the photo or video to share. Then, in the full-screen item’s bottom-left corner, tap the share icon (an arrow pointing upwards from a box).

In the share menu, at the top, select an AirDrop-enabled device to send your file.

Select an AirDrop device.

Your recipient will get a prompt to accept or reject your file transfer request. If they accept it, your file will be sent. And you’re all set.

How to Receive Files With AirDrop on iPhone

To receive files on your iPhone via AirDrop, simply ask the sender to select your iPhone on their AirDrop device list.

When they do that, you’ll see a prompt on your iPhone. Accept this prompt and you’ll receive the sender’s file.

And that’s how you turn on as well as use AirDrop for file transfer tasks on your iPhone. Very useful!

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