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Amazon Fire TV Sticks are popular streaming devices, and many TVs come with Fire TV OS as the main interface. Amazon just rolled out an update that hides an important feature, but you can get it back.

Fire TV OS has a Developer Options menu in the Settings app, which contains the settings for Android Debug Bridge (ADB) and sideloading applications. Both of those features are important for installing apps not available on the Amazon Appstore, or even installing third-party app stores like F-Droid.

The Developer Options menu used to always be visible in the Settings, but according to AFTVNews, Amazon is rolling out an update to some models that hides it by default. Thankfully, it’s not gone forever — you just have to navigate to Settings > My Fire TV > About, and then keep clicking the device name until you see a “You are now a developer” popup. After that, the Developer Options menu shows up like normal.

Device menu with popup that reads "you are now 4 steps away from being a developer."
Enabling Developer Options on a Fire TV Stick AFTVNews

The new behavior is a few extra steps, but it’s closer to how regular Android and Android TV/Google TV devices handle Developer Options. The menu has many settings that can break apps or other expected functionality, so hiding it from people who might accidentally press a few buttons is probably for the best.

Source: AFTVNews

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