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Slideshows are great for more than just business-related presentations. You can use Microsoft PowerPoint to create a photo album and add music or visual effects for a memorable show.

For personal presentations of special occasions like weddings and anniversaries or even slideshows for organizations where the main focus is pictures, let’s look at how to create a photo album in PowerPoint.

Note: As of this writing in June 2022, the photo album feature is only available in PowerPoint on Windows.

Set Up a Photo Album in PowerPoint

Open PowerPoint and create a blank presentation or use an existing one. When you create the photo album, PowerPoint places it in a new slideshow automatically.

Go to the Insert tab, select Photo Album > New Photo Album in the Images section of the ribbon.

New Photo Album on the Insert tab

When the Photo Album window opens, start by adding the photos you want to use. On the left, below Insert Picture From, click “File/Disk.”

File, Disk button to insert photos

You can select one photo at a time or several using Ctrl as you click each one. Hit “Insert” and those photos appear in the Pictures in Album box in the Photo Album window. Continue the same process until you’ve added all of the photos you want.

List of pictures in the album

You can rearrange the order of the pictures by selecting one and then using the up and down arrows below the “Pictures in Album” box. You can also use Remove to delete a photo you’ve added.

Up, Down, and Remove buttons

If you want to add a text slide to the photo album, click “New Text Box” on the left. You can then use the up and down arrows to place this slide where you want it. You can include more text slides as well. You’ll add the text to these slides once you create the presentation.

Text box added to the photo album

Edit the Photos

You have a few options for editing or correcting photos in your album. For a unique look, you can use black and white for all pictures. Check the box on the left under Picture Options for All Pictures Black and White.

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Check box to make all photos black and white

If you want to keep your photos as they are but make a few slight adjustments, you can do this as well. Select a photo in the list by checking the box. On the right below the preview of the photo, you have buttons to rotate the image, adjust the contrast, and increase or decrease the brightness.

Photo editing buttons below the Preview

Customize the Photo Album

One more piece to setting up your photo album is choosing the layout. At the bottom of the Photo Album window, use the Picture Layout drop-down box to select the layout you want. You can use Fit to Slide or pick one, two, or four pictures per slide with or without titles.

Photo album layout options in PowerPoint

When you pick a one, two, or four-picture layout, you’ll see which photos are grouped together indicated by numbers in the Pictures in Album box. Again, you can use the up and down arrows to rearrange them.

Photos grouped by layout

If you select a layout other than Fit to Slide, you can add a frame to the pictures. Use the Frame Shape drop-down box for options like a rectangle, rounded rectangle, or soft edge frame.

Photo frame options

Another feature you can use if you don’t fit your photos to the slides is captions. Check the box on the left below Picture Options for Captions Below All Photos. This then inserts a text box on each slide below the image with the photo name. You can keep that caption or edit it to something more descriptive.

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Check box to add captions

If you have a theme on your computer you’d like to use, press “Browse,” choose the theme, and click “Select.”

Theme added to a photo album

Create or Edit the Photo Album

When you finish setting up the photo album, click “Create” and you’ll see your new slideshow.

Photo album presentation in PowerPoint

You can then add the text for the captions, titles, or text slides if you selected these options. You can also pick a Design Idea on the right, apply transitions or animations, or add music if you like.

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Save your slideshow as you normally would. Then, if you’d like to make changes to the photo album, go to Insert > Photo Album > Edit Photo Album.

Edit Photo Album on the Insert tab

Make your edits and click “Update” to apply your changes.

Update button for editing an album

You can create a photo slideshow from scratch in PowerPoint. But the photo album feature makes creating that memorable presentation much easier and with a consistent look.

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