Screen Time records and gathers information about how you use your iPhone. If you don’t find the feature useful, or you have an alternative available, it’s easy to turn this feature off. Here’s how to do just that.

Later, to start getting your phone usage statistics again, you can re-enable Screen Time on your iPhone.

When you turn off Screen Time, you may be asked to enter your Screen Time passcode, so keep that handy before following the following steps.

Disable Screen Time on Your iPhone

To start the Screen Time deactivation process, launch the Settings app on your iPhone.

In Settings, scroll a bit down and tap “Screen Time.”

Choose "Screen Time" in Settings.

Scroll down the “Screen Time” page to the bottom. There, tap “Turn Off Screen Time.”

Select "Turn Off Screen Time."

In the prompt, select “Turn Off Screen Time” to confirm your choice.

Tap "Turn Off Screen Time."

If asked, enter your Screen Time passcode to disable the feature.

And that’s all. The feature is now disabled and it won’t run until you manually activate it again.

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