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Apple Maps started off as a poor substitute for Google Maps, but it has become increasingly better over time. Apple just announced a few major upgrades at WWDC.

Apple has offered enhanced Apple Maps for a while now, which shows a basic 3D representation of buildings and other objects — similar to what Google Maps has supported for years. The feature is currently available in 10 countries, and it soon roll out to more countries and cities: Belgium, France, Israel, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Monaco, Netherlands, New Zealand, Palestine, Saudi Arabia, and Switzerland.

Las Vegas in Apple Maps

Apple Maps also has even better maps for select areas, which shows buildings as detailed 3D models instead of simple blocks. Las Vegas was shown off as one of the new regions, as seen in the above screenshots. These detailed 3D maps will also be accessible from some apps that use the Apple Maps API — the company used the Bird app for scooters and bikes as an example.

Apple Maps on iPhone and Mac

Other improvements are on the way as well, such as multi-step routing, and planning trips on Macs to send to an iPhone later. These changes will likely roll out in the next iOS and macOS updates.

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