Twitter makes it easy to blast your thoughts out for everyone to see. However, you may not always want all your followers to see every single tweet. That’s where a feature called “Twitter Circle” comes in.

For a long time, Twitter essentially only had one way to limit your tweet’s audience—making your account private. However, that still doesn’t give you controls for individual tweets. Let’s take a look at how Twitter Circle improves the situation.

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What Is Twitter Circle?

Twitter Circle’s closest equivalent on other social networks is Instagram’s “Close Friends” feature. It’s a way to send tweets to a smaller crowd of select people.

The concept is pretty simple, actually. You create a Twitter Circle of up to 150 people and then only those people can read and interact with the tweets you share with the Circle. All of the typical visibility rules for accounts still apply.

Twitter Circle caption.
The message you see when you’re in someone’s Circle.

That means you can add an account that isn’t following you to the Circle, but they still won’t see your tweets because they aren’t following you. Also, you can add private accounts, but you still won’t be able to see their replies in the Circle if they haven’t allowed you to follow them.

Think of your Twitter Circle as a private instance of Twitter. All of the same rules that apply to Twitter as a whole are still in effect. You only get one Twitter Circle and no one is notified if you add or remove them.

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How is Twitter Circle Different Than Twitter Communities?

If you’re familiar with Twitter, you might think Circle sounds a lot like another feature called “Communities.” They do seem similar, but they’re actually quite different.

Twitter Communities are private groups, whereas Twitter Circle is simply a way to limit who sees your tweets. The big difference is the visibility rules we mentioned above.

When you share something to a Twitter Community, everyone in the group can see and reply to it. Tweets to your Circle are just like any other tweet, but you’re deciding who has the ability to see them. That doesn’t mean they will see the tweet.

How to Use Twitter Circle

Twitter will guide you through setting up your Circle the first time you try to use it. To get started, open up the Compose Tweet screen and tap “Everyone” to choose your audience.

Note: Twitter Circle began rolling out in May 2022. If you don’t see the Circle option, you will need to wait to get it.

Tap "Everyone."

Next, tap “Twitter Circle” from the menu.

Select "Twitter Circle."

A menu will appear with information about Twitter Circle. Tap “Got It” to proceed.

Tap "Got It."

Now you can search and “Add” people to your Twitter Circle. Tap “Done” in the top-right corner when you’re ready.

Add people and tap "Done" when ready.

You’ll now be back on the Compose Tweet screen and you’ll see it shows “Twitter Circle” as your audience. Write and send the tweet as you normally would!

Send a tweet to the Circle.

To add or remove people from your Circle, follow the steps above and now you’ll see an “Edit” button in the “Choose Audience” menu.

Edit the Twitter Circle.

That’s all there is to Twitter Circles. It’s simply a way to limit who can see your tweets, but it’s not a private group. Facebook has similar options when you’re sharing a post. Twitter has a few interesting features you may not know about, but Circle is a good one to use.

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