iPhone keyboard "omw"

The iPhone keyboard has some notorious quirks, but there’s one little “feature” you may have noticed. Every time you type “omw” it is automatically expanded to “On my way!” This can be pretty annoying, so let’s turn it off.

Talking over text does not lend itself well to conveying emotion. That’s why every small detail—punctuation, case, and emoji— is so important. There’s a huge difference in how “omw” and “On my way!” can be interpreted. So lets you give the control back to you.

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The iOS and iPadOS feature responsible for this is called “Text Replacement.” It allows you to create custom text shortcuts for phrases. The “omw” shortcut is actually the only one included by default, for some reason.

To get started, open the Settings app on your iPhone or iPad.

Go to “General.”

Go to "General."

Now go to “Keyboard.”

Select "Keyboard."

Select “Text Replacement.”

Select "Text Replacement."

You’ll see the “omw” shortcut listed. Tap “Edit” in the bottom left corner.

Tap "Edit."

Tap the red minus icon next to “omw” to delete it.

Finally, tap “Delete” to confirm.

Tap "Delete."

That’s all there is to it! You don’t have to worry about Apple hijacking your casual “omw” and adding unimplied enthusiasm. Text Replacement is a cool feature you should use, but you don’t have to use Apple’s built-in text replacement shortcut.

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