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Amazon’s Kindle lineup might be one of the best eReaders around, but Barnes & Noble is still keeping the Nook alive as a competitor. Now there’s a brand new model.

Barnes & Noble just announced a new e-ink Nook reader, known as the Nook GlowLight 4e. It’s the company’s cheapest eReader in recent history, with a price tag of only $119.99. That’s $30 less than the GlowLight 4, and $10 more than the base model Amazon Kindle without lock screen advertisements. Amazon also sells an ad-supported e-ink Kindle for $90, which often goes on sale for $55, but Nook readers don’t have advertisements.

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Barnes & Noble

The main feature is the 6-inch glare-free display, which uses an e-ink panel instead of the typical LCD screens you’d find on most other tablets. It has a pixel density of 212 DPI, which is higher than the regular Kindle (167 DPI), but lower than the $140 Kindle Paperwhite (300 DPI). The higher the DPI, or Dots Per Inch, the fewer pixels you can see. The GlowLight 4e’s rating should be just fine for most people, and since it has an e-ink screen, the battery can last for weeks with regular use. There’s also a backlight for reading in the dark, like most other eReaders.

Barnes & Noble is keeping the classic physical page buttons for the GlowLight 4e, so you can click the buttons on the sides to go back or forward in your book (or just tap the sides of the screen like a Kindle). There’s 8GB of storage, down from 16GB on the regular GlowLight 4, and only around 5GB is available for books. That’s not a massive problem, especially considering most people don’t want to read comics and other image-heavy content on a 6-inch black and white screen, but it’s still a shame there’s no microSD card for adding more storage. You do get a USB Type-C port for charging and copying books, though.

There are a few missing features on the GlowLight 4e compared to Amazon’s base Kindle. Audiobooks don’t seem to be supported, even though Barnes & Noble sells audiobooks and just introduced an Audible-like subscription service. The Kindle allows you to pair Bluetooth headphones and listen to any purchased audiobooks. Barnes & Noble also doesn’t have an online service for sending books and other files to your eReader, like Amazon’s Send to Kindle — you have to plug the Nook into a PC and copy books to it as if it was a flash drive.

The Nook GlowLight 4e is available for pre-order on Barnes & Noble’s online store, and the release date is set for June 7.

Source: Barnes & Noble

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