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Do your formatting requirements call for a specific amount of space between your document’s content and the page’s border? If you use Google Docs, it’s easy to change your document‘s margins and set them to your liking. We’ll show you two ways to do that.

One way to change Google Docs’ margins is to use the Page Setup box. In this method, you manually specify your page margins in inches. The other way is to drag the ruler at the top of your document to set your margins.

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Adjust Margins in Google Docs by Using Page Setup

If you’d like to manually and precisely specify your page margins, use the Page Setup method as explained here.

Start by launching Google Docs on your computer. Then select the document in which you want to change the margins.

On the document’s editing screen, from the menu bar, select File > Page Setup.

Choose File > Page Setup from the menu bar.

On the “Page Setup” box, at the top, click “Pages.”

Access the "Pages" tab.

In the “Pages” tab, on the right side, you’ll see a “Margins (Inches)” section where you can specify your page margins. Here’s what each option in this section means:

  • Top: Specify the space between the top of your page and your page content.
  • Bottom: This is the space between the bottom of your page and your page content.
  • Left: This is the space after which your page content starts from the left.
  • Right: This number specifies the blank space size from the right of your document.

After you’ve modified the margins, save your changes by clicking “OK.”

Tip: To quickly undo your margin changes, press Ctrl+Z (Windows) or Command+Z (Mac).

Specify the margins and select "OK."

You now have your set margins in your current Google Doc.

A Google Doc with customized margins.

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Use the Ruler to Change Margins in Google Docs

With the ruler method, you drag the ruler at the top of your document to change your page margins.

To use this method, first, open your document with Google Docs.

In case you don’t already see the ruler at the top of your document, enable it by clicking View > Show Ruler in Google Docs’ menu bar.

Choose View > Show Ruler in the menu bar.

To set the left and right margins, at the top of your document, hover your cursor over the gray area on the ruler. Then drag the gray area to change the margins.

Drag the gray area at the top.

To adjust the top and bottom margins, use the ruler’s gray area on the left and right sides (vertical ruler) of your document.

Drag the gray area on a side.

Your changes are saved automatically, so you don’t have to do anything.

And you’ve successfully changed your document’s margins on Google Docs.

Do you prefer a specific style for your Google Docs documents? If so, consider changing Docs’ various default settings. That will help you save quite a lot of time.

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