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Have you ever wanted to start a quick video meeting while reviewing a document? You can start or join a Google Meet directly from Google Docs, Sheets, or Slides. Then, present your document or simply join and keep working.

Note: To use the feature, you need to use either the Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge browser.

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Start a Google Meet From Docs, Sheets, or Slides

You can start your own Google Meet with a document, spreadsheet, or slideshow open. Click the Google Meet button on the top right of the screen. Select “Start a new Meeting.”

Start a new meeting using Google Meet

The Google Meet will start immediately putting a meeting sidebar on the right side of your document. You have the meeting link with a handy copy button to quickly paste it into an email or chat conversation for others to join.

Google Meet started in Docs

As participants ask to join, you’ll be prompted to admit them to the meeting.

Prompt to Admit or Deny meeting access

You can then see the participant tiles in the sidebar.

Google Meet in Google Docs sidebar

Join a Google Meet From Docs, Sheets, or Slides

If someone else starts a meeting that you’d like to join, you can keep working on your Google Doc, Sheet, or Slide and jump right onto the call. Click the Google Meet button at the top and pick “Use a Meeting Code.”

Option to join a Google Meet using a code

Enter or paste the code or link into the box and click “Continue.”

Google Meet code or link box to join

You can then select “Ask to Join” or “Ask to Present This Tab” to join per your preference.

Prompt to join or present in Google Meet

All meeting participants appear in the sidebar on the right just like when you start a meeting yourself.

Google Meet Controls

You have a couple of options for how you want to display the meeting and controls for the call and participants as well.

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Meeting Display Options

You can put the meeting in a smaller window instead of using the sidebar. Click the Picture-in-Picture icon at the top of the sidebar.

You’ll then see the meeting take place in a tiny window that you can move where you want. Click the center to redock the meeting in the sidebar.

Google Meet picture-in-picture

If you prefer to keep your eyes on your document, you can move the meeting to a new browser tab. Click the Pop-Out icon at the top of the sidebar.

You can then switch between tabs to view the meeting and work on the document. Or, if you’re presenting, you can continue to do so from the other browser tab.

To bring the call back to the sidebar in your document tab, click the Google Meet button at the top and pick “Bring the Call Here.”

Prompt to bring the call here or present the tab

Meeting and Call Controls

You have controls at the bottom of the sidebar for turning the microphone and camera on and off, presenting your tab, window, or screen, and leaving the call.

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You can also select the three dots to open the More Options menu for meeting details, people, in-call messages, captions, and other settings.

Call controls in Docs for Google Meet

Select a participant to view controls for them. You can then pin, mute, or remove them from the call. You can also pin your own tile.

Participant controls in Google Meet

Whether you want to display the Google Doc, Sheet, or Slide you’re viewing or simply join a meeting while you work, you have an easy way to use Google Meet.

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