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Want to make your straight text curved without much hassle? If so, Adobe Photoshop has the exact feature you need. You can use it to curve your text in your specified bend level, and we’ll show you how to make use of it.

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Make Curved Text in Photoshop

To curve text in Photoshop, you basically apply the warp text effect to your text layer and choose a curve option.

For the following steps, we assume you don’t already have an image and you want to create one with your curved text on it.

To start, launch Photoshop on your computer and create a new image. You can do this by selecting File > New from Photoshop’s menu bar and choosing your image dimensions.

Specify new Photoshop image dimensions.

When the blank image canvas opens, in Photoshop’s left sidebar, select the text tool (a “T” icon). Alternatively, you can use the tool by pressing T on your keyboard.

Select the text tool.

With the text tool now activated, click the area on your image where you want to add the curved text. Type your text, and when you’re done, select the checkmark icon at the top.

In the “Layers” panel on the right, select your newly created text layer.

Tip: If the “Layers” panel is not visible, in Photoshop’s menu bar, click Window > Layers.

Choose the text layer.

At the top of the Photoshop interface, click “Create Warped Text” (a “T” icon).

Select "Create Warped Text" at the top.

Photoshop will open a “Warp Text” box. Here, click the “Style” drop-down menu and choose “Arc.” Then drag the “Bend” slider to the left or right to make your text curved.

Behind the text box, you will see your changes being applied to your selected text.

When you’re happy with the results, in the same “Warp Text” box, click “OK.”

Create curved text in Photoshop.

Back on the canvas window, you now have your text curved.

Curved text in Photoshop.

To change your curved text, you can do so without having to re-apply the curve effect. Simply click the existing text and you can add and remove characters from it.

Change the curved text in Photoshop.

And that’s how you make your text stand out by using a curved style. Very handy!

If you find yourself frequently repeating the same complex tasks over and over in Photoshop, consider installing and running Photoshop actions.

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