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ProtonVPN and ProtonMail are two of the most popular privacy tools online, and the company behind them has been working to unify the two products. The pricing is also changing slightly.

Proton launched its new domain last month, as a shorter alternative to, and the company already allowed customers to reserve their email address on the new domain. Soon, Proton will start moving its services (except the VPN, for now) to the new site. The company said in a blog post, “as the number of Proton services grows, unifying to a single domain name is also increasingly important.” ProtonMail customers will still receive mail from any old addresses, though.

New pricing is also rolling out, though it seems to only affect ProtonVPN — at least, for now. The base version of ProtonVPN with 500+ servers and two simultaneous connections is now $5 per month instead of $4, while the Plus package with higher speeds and 10 connections increased from $8 to $10. The ‘Visionary’ option, which includes all VPN and Mail features, is still $30/mo.

No one likes higher prices, but an increase of $1-2 on the most popular plans isn’t too bad, and both services still offer free plans with limited features. Proton says it’s not raising prices for existing customers, and “all plans will be upgraded to provide more storage and features for our existing subscribers.” ProtonVPN and ProtonMail also still have free tiers available with limited features, and Proton offers lower prices for yearly billing (on top of occasional promotional deals).

Finally, Proton is planning a modernized design for all its services, complete with new logos. ProtonMail last received a makeover in June 2021.

Source: ProtonMail Blog

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