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Google has released a few pairs of wireless earbuds at this point, and the company revealed the a new pair on Wednesday during the Google I/O main keynote. The Pixel Buds Pro aims to be one of the best wireless earbuds ever, and that might just be true.

The Pixel Buds Pro is Google’s first pair of earbuds with Active Noise Cancellation (ANC), powered by “a custom 6-core audio chip that runs Google-developed algorithms.” The ANC ability makes these competitive with other high-end earbuds, like the Sony WF-1000XM4 and Apple AirPods Pro. However, since this is Google’s first attempt at ANC, we’ll have to see if the implementation stacks up against its competitors.

Google says there’s also a ‘Silent Seal’ feature that prevents outside sound from leaking out, and built-in sensors to measure the air pressure of your ear canal “to make sure you’re comfortable even during long listening session.” There will also be support for spatial audio, like some of Apple’s audio products, but that will have to wait for a post-launch software update.

The Pixel Buds Pro will have an IPX4 rating, like most high-end earbuds, which means the Buds Pro won’t be damaged if you’re sweating or walking through some rain. The case itself only has an IPX2 rating, though, so try not to get that wet.

Perhaps the most surprising feature is the battery life. Google is promising up to seven hours of listening time with ANC enabled, or 11 hours without ANC. There aren’t many true wireless earbuds that can hit that mark — the AirPods Pro can only handle 4.5 hours with ANC on (or 5 hours with ANC off). Assuming Google’s claim will be accurate, that makes them competitive with the $278 Sony WF-1000XM4 earbuds in the battery life department, which can last 8 hours with noise cancelling on and 12 hours without ANC.

Pre-orders for the Pixel Buds Pro start on July 21 for $199.99, and you can sign up to be notified when they become available through the Google Store. That’s around the same price as Apple AirPods Pro (with recent sales).

Source: Google Blog

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