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Kindles can hold a lot of eBooks, but you may want to remove some. eBooks are stored in two places—on the eReader itself and your Kindle Library. We’ll show you how to remove books from both places.

When you buy an eBook from Amazon, rent one from your local library, or send one to your Kindle, it’s added to your “Kindle Library.” This is essentially cloud storage for your eBooks. When you open the book on your Paperwhite, that’s when it downloads the eBook file to the device’s storage.

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How to Remove an eBook From a Kindle

First, we’ll remove the actual eBook file from your Kindle. Note that this does not remove the book from your Kindle Library. On your Kindle home screen, tap the three-dot menu icon in the top-right corner.

Select “Settings” from the menu.

Select "Settings."

Next, go to “Device Options.”

Select "Device Options."

Now go to “Advanced Options.”

Go to "Advanced Options."

Select “Storage Management.”

Select "Storage Management."

Now the method we want is “Manual Removal.”

Choose "Manual Removal."

Select the “Books” category.

Go to "Books."

Choose the books you don’t need anymore and tap “Remove.”

Select books and tap "Remove."

That’s all there is to it! The books will no longer be taking up storage space on your Kindle Reader. It will still be in your Kindle Library.

How to Remove eBook from Kindle Library

Removing an eBook from your Kindle will get the file off the device’s storage, but the book is still in your Kindle Library for easy downloading in the future. You can also remove the book from the Library, which will disassociate it from your account.

Removing eBooks from your Library can be done from the Kindle app iPhone, iPad, or Android and the eReader itself. First, open the app or go to the Kindle home screen and select the “Library” tab.

Go to the "Library" tab.

Find the book you want to remove and press and hold until a menu appears.

Press and hold the book.

Select “Remove from Library” or “Permanently Delete” from the menu.

Select "Remove from Library."

Confirm you want to remove the book and you’re done! The eBook will no longer appear in your Kindle Library. If you want the book again, you’ll need to re-purchase or send it to your Library again. These are good tips for keeping your Kindle storage neat and tidy.

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