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Microsoft’s Windows 10 operating system allows you to adjust your clock manually as well as automatically using a Settings option. We’ll show you how to do just that.

Note: Changing your PC’s date and time may affect certain apps that rely on those options. If you experience any problems with those apps after changing the time, consider going back to the original date and time settings.

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Manually Change the Time on Windows 10

If you’d like to manually specify your PC’s time, use the built-in Settings option to do that.

Start by launching Settings on your PC. Press the Windows+i keys and the app will open.

On the Settings window, choose “Time & Language.”

On the “Date & Time” page that opens, make sure both “Set Time Automatically” and “Set Time Zone Automatically” options are disabled.

Disable automatic time and time zone options.

Beneath “Set the Date and Time Manually,” click “Change.”

You’ll see a “Change Date and Time” window. Here, click the current date and time options and set them to your choice. When that’s done, at the bottom, click “Change.”

Your PC now uses your newly-specified time, and you’re all set.

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Set the Time to Update Automatically on Windows 10

If you don’t wish to use the manually-specified time on your PC, you can get Windows 10 to automatically adjust the clock. Your PC syncs with Microsoft’s time servers to fetch the current time for your region.

This feature should be enabled by default, but you or another user may have disabled it in the past. To enable it again, first, open Settings by pressing Windows+i. On the Settings window, click “Time & Language.”

On the “Date & Time” page, turn on both “Set Time Automatically” and “Set Time Zone Automatically” options.

Activate the automatic time and time zone options.

And that’s it. Your PC will get the current time from Microsoft’s servers and use that as the system time.

Did you know you can change the format of the date and time on your Windows 10 PC? It lets you view your clock in your preferred format. Try it out if you’re interested!

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