Unlimited data.

Most mobile data plans that are advertised as “unlimited” are not really unlimited. There are little things that limit how much data you can realistically use. Do any carriers offer truly unlimited plans? Not as many as you might think.

Why “Unlimited” Isn’t Always Unlimited

Your definition of “unlimited” is likely different from your mobile carrier’s. While these plans may not limit the amount of data you can use, there are some clear limits in place.

The most common limit is on data speed. You get unlimited high-speed data until you reach a certain threshold. After that point, your data speeds will be slowed down. So while you’re technically still able to use as much data as you want, the slower speeds will force you to use less.

That’s the key thing we’re looking for in truly unlimited plans: Unrestricted access to high-speed data, no matter how much data you use.

U.S. Mobile Carriers With Truly Unlimited Plans

Cell towers.

We’ve compiled a (short) list of the mobile carriers in the U.S. that have truly unlimited plans as of May 2022. Please note that the exact details of these plans may change over time. We did not find any MVNO with truly unlimited plans.

AT&T Unlimited Elite

AT&T’s one truly unlimited plan is called “Unlimited Elite.” It offers 5G data that’s never slowed down based on usage, 40GB of mobile hotspot data, 4K UHD video streaming, and unlimited talk and text in the U.S., Mexico, and Canada.

AT&T Unlimted Elite costs $85 per month for one line or $50 per line if you have four lines.

T-Mobile Magenta MAX

T-Mobile has one truly unlimited plan called “Magenta MAX.” It offers unlimited high-speed 5G data with no speed caps, 40GB of data for mobile hotspot, 4K UHD video streaming, and unlimited talk and text in the U.S., Mexico, and Canada.

T-Mobile Magenta MAX costs $85 per month for one line, or you can pay $140 per month total for three lines.

Verizon 5G Get More

Verizon’s lone truly unlimited plan is called “5G Get More.” It includes unlimited high-speed 5G data that’s never slowed down, 50GB of mobile hotspot data, 720p video streaming, and unlimited talk and text in the U.S., Mexico, and Canada.

Verizon 5G Get More is the priciest unlimited plan of the bunch. It costs $90 per month for one line or $55 per line for four lines.

As you can see, finding a truly unlimited data plan in the U.S. isn’t easy, and you better be prepared to pay for it. The good news is you may not really need unlimited data. The throttling thresholds on many of the “unlimited” plans are higher than most people will reach.

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