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Love watching and chatting with your favorite streamers on Twitch? Well, if you’re not careful, you may receive a temporary or permanent ban from a streamer’s channel. Here’s what it takes to get banned as a viewer.

What Happens If You’re Banned?

Getting banned from a Twitch channel will take away your privileges to view and participate in chat. You’ll also no longer see the channel on your following list.

You won’t be able to send the streamer direct messages, refollow them, host them, or gift subscriptions to other viewers. When you’re banned, you’re essentially a ghost who can only watch the stream but cannot interact in any way.

Streamers can keep you banned for as long as they want. You’ll have to file a request to be unbanned from the channel. Your application will be reviewed by the streamer or moderators, and then you’ll be notified whether your request was approved or not. The streamer may set a cooldown duration for your ban, which means you’ll have to wait before you can submit a request.

Don’t do any of the following things to avoid getting banned from your favorite Twitch channels. There’s also no point in trying to make another account because bans are usually applied to IP addresses.

Going by a Prohibited Username

Twitch has a simple set of rules for usernames. You cannot name yourself using sexual references, profanity, violence, and racial or ethnic slurs.

Your username also can’t be referenced to recreational drugs, but there are exceptions for legal substances such as alcohol, tobacco, and marijuana. You also shouldn’t choose a username that’s too similar to another person’s name. It may be considered an impersonation attempt, which could also lead to a ban.

If a twitch streamer sees that you’re using a prohibited username, they can report it to Twitch and get your account banned quickly. To play it safe, choose a simple username.

Using Inappropriate Language

One of the most common reasons why viewers get banned from Twitch channels is due to using inappropriate language. This includes slurs, sexual comments, harassment, and racism.

Even if you’re just joking around with others in chat, it’s best to avoid using any language that could be considered offensive. Many streamers don’t tolerate overly offensive language because it makes their channel unwelcoming to other viewers. It’s what many people in the Twitch community call a “toxic community.”

This doesn’t mean you can’t swear. In fact, many steamers don’t care if you use curse words. It all comes down to how you’re using the language. If you’re being overly offensive or harassing others, you’re more likely to get banned.

There are also many words you can’t say on twitch, including offensive and discriminatory words related to religion, politics, ethnicity or race, homophobia, and gender. Some words included that ou might not expect are “incel” and “simp.” All in all, just be nice and respectful to everyone and you should be fine.

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Another reason why you may get banned from a channel is due to spamming. This includes posting the same message over and over, typing in all caps, using excessive emojis, or sending too many links.

Many of these activities are considered disruptive to the chat and can be annoying to other viewers and the streamer. Depending on what you’re spamming, it may also be considered a form of harassment, so be careful.

If you feel the need to share your excitement, try to do so in moderation. One or two exclamation points in lowercase letters will suffice. And if you’re posting links, make sure they’re relevant to the channel or the current discussion. Sending inappropriate things will get seen by the channel’s moderators. If they find anything that’s considered spam or against the guidelines, you’ll get banned.

Performing or Promoting Illegal Activities

Twitch has a zero-tolerance policy for any form of violence or threats. This includes making threats against others, showing graphic violence, and promoting physical and non-physical violence.

This includes hacking or distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks. You also can’t attempt or threaten to SWAT someone, which is calling the police to falsely report an incident at another person’s address. Regarding drugs and sexual content, just use your common sense. If you attempt to promote illegal activities, such as illicit drug use or scams, you’ll get banned. The same goes for sexually explicit content.

Following these guidelines are pretty straightforward. Treat it as if it were real life–if something you’re about to do or say would get you in trouble with the law, then don’t do on it Twitch either.

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