Product placement is nothing new for movies and TV shows, but Amazon is interested in pushing the idea a bit further with some content on Prime Video and Freevee (formerly IMDb TV).

Amazon attended the ‘NewFronts’ conference on Monday, which is held by the Interactive Advertising Bureau, where the company discussed its upcoming content lineup on Prime Video and Freevee and advertising opportunities for brands. There wasn’t much interesting news for anyone who isn’t in the advertising buisness, with one exception — the company is starting to offer ‘Virtual Product Placement’ in some of its original shows and movies.

Amazon said in a blog post that the program “enables approved products to be seamlessly inserted into participating Prime Video and Amazon Freevee Original content after filming has wrapped.” The company showed off an example screenshot (below) from the Bosch: Legacy series, which has a computer-generated bowl of M&M’s. It’s no holographic meatloaf, but we’re getting there.

Scene with people standing around a table with a bowl of M&Ms
The candy bowl is not real. Amazon

According to Amazon, one brand that tired Virtual Product Placement reported “a 6.9% increase in brand favorability and a 14.7% increase in purchase intent for their campaign.” Some of the shows and movies already using VPP include Reacher, Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan, the Bosch franchise, Making the Cut, and Leverage: Redemption.

The good news is that Amazon isn’t adding random new objects and billboards to shows and movies, like the Star Wars re-releases with altered scenes. Amazon is only offering VPP in shows and movies with empty spaces specifically designated to be filled in later with advertising CGI, at least for now. The current version isn’t really any different than Peter Parker using a Sony Xperia phone in Spider-Man: Far From Home, except that the advertising deals don’t have to wrap up before shooting starts.

Amazon didn’t mention if the product placements can change over time or not. It would be pretty funny to re-watch a movie or TV show a few months later and see a different bowl of candy.

Source: Amazon

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