The Twitter app on a smartphone with Bitcoin coins next to it.

Twitter has become one of the primary social media platforms for crypto enthusiasts. In addition to being home for discussion and commentary on all things crypto, Twitter now allows users to receive and send payments in Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Once this functionality is enabled, sending or receiving crypto is as easy as looking up a user’s profile. Unfortunately, as of May 2022, the Tips feature is only available in the mobile app and not on Twitter’s desktop website.

To begin, open up Twitter and tap your profile picture in the upper left corner. A side pane will open. Tap “Profile.”

Side pane open with "Profile" button highlighted.

Now on your profile page, press the “Edit profile” button.

Profile page open with "Edit profile" highlighted.

On the following page that opens, navigate to the bottom and select “Tips”.

"Tips" option highlighted.

Once enabled, a new page explaining what the Tips feature is will. Skim through this as much as necessary. Press “I agree” at the bottom when complete.

You will now be taken to a page that allows you to enable your payment type. As you can see, this could be with the Bitcoin Lightning wallet app Strike, a generic Bitcoin wallet address, or Ethereum address. There are other payment options but the ones previously listed will be your best options for crypto transactions.

To use Strike, you must have a Strike wallet. If you have another crypto wallet, you can use the “Bitcoin address” or “Ethereum address” options.

Different payment options highlighted.

Depending on the selection you chose the following steps will vary slightly. If you chose Strike, you will need to open up your Strike app and find your username. You can find this going to your profile within the Strike app. Once you have it, head back to your Twitter app and enter your username. Hit “Save” in the top right corner.

If you chose the “Bitcoin address” or “Ethereum address” option you will need to open the wallet you prefer from your phone. Once your wallet is open you will need to find the “Receive” option. Find your wallet address for either Bitcoin or Ethereum and copy the address. Getting to your wallet address can be a little different depending on the wallet.

Once your wallet address is copied, return to Twitter to paste your wallet address.

Enter Bitcoin address text box highlighted.

Once your Bitcoin or Ethereum address is pasted, press “Save”.

Now that you are all set up, you should see the following screen pop up. Read through and press “Got it”.

"Got it" button highlighted to accept proceeding with Tips.

Congratulations, you can now send and receive Bitcoin or ETH. You should now see a small dollar icon on your profile page. If you see this on someone else’s profile that means they have enabled the same feature.

Tips button on a profile page highlighted.

Twitter has been one of the few social media platforms to integrate cryptocurrency use. Expect more to come from the company in the future.

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