A lot of people ask how to schedule an email for a certain date and for good reason.  As we hope our colleagues set dates and times for meetings on their Outlook calendar and set up a reminder there is always someone who conveniently “didn’t get the email”.  Today we will look at a couple of easy to implement features in Outlook 2007 to ensure they did get the email and even read it.

The first thing you can do to ensure an email was delivered and read is by Requesting a Delivery and Read Receipt.  With the message you’re composing open, click on the Options tab and in the Tracking section place a checkmark next to both Request a Delivery and a Request Receipt.  This way you can keep track of when the message was delivered and when it was opened.

Just because you do receive a Receipt that the person read the email, make sure their settings are not set to Always send a response when a Read Receipt is requested.  To check this setting go to Tools Options Preferences Email Options then the Tracking Options tab.

Now in the Tracking Options box make sure “Always send a response” or “Never send a response”.  Of course you might want to talk this over with the recipient or you’re IT department.

For even more certainty they know about the appointment click on the tab near the lower left corner of the Tracking section to get to Message Options.  Here we can do a few things, one of which is very handy and that is to delay the message delivery for a future date.  Under Delivery Options check “Do not deliver before” and select the date and time to send a reminder message.  One caveat to this is with POP3 accounts, you have to keep the Outlook application open until it’s time for the message to be sent.


Also, you can set the Importance to High and add a couple extra email accounts for replies to be sent to … hey you never know.

Keep in mind that when you schedule an email to be sent at a future date it will remain in your Outbox until it is time to be sent.

With these simple options and Sharing A Calendar there should be perfect communication about the TPS Reports.  Of course if it comes down to it you can always Easily Re-send the Message.