There are a few application launchers out there to choose from, Launchy probably being the most well known.  One app launching utility which seems under the radar is Executor.  Though similar to Launchy in its interface one could argue Executor is superior in its additional functionality. You can browse your entire file system and like Launchy you can perform Wiki and Google searches.

After installation a cool Appearance Wizard where you can choose the skin or look of Executor.  Don’t worry you can change the initial section later on.

This is my first time taking a look at Executor so I decided to take a look at the Fancy skin option right away so I can check it all out.

The main thing to point out with Executor is the Keyword feature.  It is very easy to add keywords for programs.  Simply drag a program’s launch icon into the box below, create your own custom keyword, and reset the icon.

Of course there are several skins available by default and more are made by users. They can be found in their forum.


Here is just one of several types of different skins available.

Executor is a Keyboard Ninja’s dream!  The amount of keyboard shortcut customizations are endless.

Download Executor For Windows

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