With this article we will take a look at creating, editing, and formatting a video to upload on YouTube.  The application we will be using is Windows Live Movie Maker (WLMM) which is the new video creation application that will replace Windows Movie Maker which currently is available in XP and Vista.  Windows 7 is streamlining the entire OS and Movie Maker will not be included by default.  It will be included as part of the Windows Live Suite which includes messenger and mail applications.

First go to the Windows Live Page and choose what programs you wish to install.  If you already have some of the applications installed they will be updated.

One thing to watch while your installing or updating Windows Live applications is to make sure and uncheck options you do not want changed.

Now that your Windows Live applications are installed click on Start and scroll to Windows Live to expand the applications and choose Windows Live Movie Maker.

The Live Movie Maker GUI will open ready for us to start creating our movie by dragging pictures or video into the left column.  We are assuming you have the video or photo files uploaded to your computer.


For this example I am taking the familiar clip of President Bush getting shoes thrown at him in Iraq and adding music to the piece.  Of course here is where your own creativity comes in.  You can take family photos, video, different music, etc … and make a video.  First simply drag the video clip into the left panel, then select Add in the Soundtrack section and choose an MP3.

You can trim sections of the video from the beginning or from the end.  Under the Edit tab choose Trim from the Video menu then simply drag the slider to cut out or add what you want.

Other editing tools include adding effects and transitions between pictures and video segments.

By default WLMM will save your project in .wlmp format, however you can choose to convert your project to .WMV in different resolutions.

From WLMM you can upload the video to Soapbox on MSN Video or upload it directly to YouTube by installing a plug-in.  Just download and install the plug-in following the Setup Wizard.

live utube plugin

After having the YouTube plug-in installed click on Publish then LiveUpload to YouTube.


You will be prompted to sign into your YouTube account then fill out description fields for the video then click the Publish button.

A progress screen will be displayed while the video is published to YouTube then a confirmation message.  There is a View Online button, but don’t expect to actually watch the video until YouTube has processed it.

Other Video Site Plug-ins:


Right now Windows Live Movie Maker is in Beta and personally I would like to see more of the options available in the traditional version of Movie Maker.  Currently WLMM will allow quick and easy edits to basic video projects, but if you’re looking for more features and editing tools stick with Movie Maker or other video creation products.

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