Today we will take a look at Soshiku, a free online service for high school and college students that helps schedule and keep track of homework assignments.  Soshiku will send you reminder notifications via email and SMS to your cell phone.

Go to their site and create an account which is free and easy.

sign up

After you sign up for an account you will receive a verification email and start using the service right away.  The first thing to do is create a list of the subject or courses you’re currently studying.

Scheduling assignments is a simple process as well.  Just type in the assignment name, pick a course, date due, then how you want to be reminded. 

You can also add notes for the assignment, specific tasks that need completed, and upload documents that will help you or partners finish projects.

To be reminded by SMS on your cell phone just fill in your cell number and carrier.  After saving the info you will get a code texted to you that you type in to confirm your number.

Add Mobile Number

After you get everything set up simple go to your home page to get a quick overview of what needs to be worked on.

Keyboard Ninja’s will love the fact there are some keyboard shortcuts that can be used while setting up assignments.

kb shortcuts

You can also color code courses which can be handy when you have a large amount of work or are sharing assignments.

Overall this is a very promising service that allows you to easily keep track of homework and other course projects.  You can share tasks with other members by searching for their profile and sending an add request.  The ability to upload and share documents makes research and collaboration very simple.  Reminder notifications are sent to your email on your selected schedule, and if that is not enough you can even have reminders sent to your cell phone.  While this service is designed for students, you could use it for any projects or collaborations you might need reminders for.  Of course the best feature of this service is it is Free!

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