What do you get when you combine the plays-anything aspect of VLC with the pleasant interface of Windows Media Player? Today we’ll show you the super-slick Kantaris media player.

Using Kantaris Media Player

Kantaris is a quick download around 10MB and installs very easily following the installation wizard.

Kantaris can play virtually every type of media file you want to associate with it.

2 files

The user interface is very intuitive and offers cool options such as Last.FM Radio, previewing movies, and creating a video library.

main interface

Click on the Info button to retrieve album art and song information from the Last.FM database.

Song Info


You can use the Last.FM button to easily browse for and listen to music directly from the player.

lastfm radio

It offers some cool visualizations that you can change around as well.

You can also play most video files with Kantaris and easily access settings by right clicking anywhere on the movie screen.

Another great feature is the ability to preview Apple movie trailers from within the app.

movie prview

Keyboard Ninja’s will appreciate the ability to customize hotkeys for various functions.

Overall this is a great player with an attractive interface and easy to use options.  It doesn’t have all of the features offered in VLC yet, but this project is in constant development so there should be more coolness coming.  Right now Kantaris runs on Windows only


** Editor Note:  I would like to give a special thanks to Scott Our Forum Administrator for pointing this player out to us! **

Download Kantaris for Windows

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